Sports Trainers

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that athletic trainers will experience much faster than average job growth throughout 2018. The increasing number of amateur and school sports teams accounts for some of this growth, as does the public' increasing interest in health and fitness. Competition for the more glamorous jobs is tough; positions with professional athletes and teams are extremely difficult to find and those working in them usually have years and years of experience. More opportunities exist for certified athletic trainers who work with high school athletes, especially if trainers have other skills that make them more employable. For example, the athletic trainer wishing to work with high school athletes who also can teach biology, math, physical education, or other school subjects most likely will find a position sooner than the candidate with only a background in athletic training. The reasoning is simple: With school budgets being cut back, those individuals who perform double-duty will be more attractive to school boards looking to cut costs.

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