There is intense competition in the television and motion picture industries. In addition, there are still discrepancies in pay rates to men versus women in the industries. The 2009 Hollywood Writers Report by the WGA found that men, particularly white men, continue to dominate the TV and movie sector, while women comprise only 28 percent of television employment and 18 percent of film employment, and the minority share of film employment has stayed the same since 1999, at 6 percent for more than a decade. The writers' strike that ran from November 2007 to February 2008, coupled with the recent economic downturn, affected how the industry operates. Though this domination in the industry will change because of efforts by women and minority filmmakers, the change may be slow in coming. The success of independent cinema, which has introduced a number of women and minority filmmakers to the industry, will continue to contribute to this change. One bright spot: In January 2009 the WGA started the Writers Access Project (WAP), to increase TV employment for writers with diverse backgrounds. Showrunners looking to staff their shows can find outstanding, mid-level diverse writers through this script-judging contest.

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