Reservation and Ticket Agents

Ticketing Agents in Airport

Reservation and ticket agents are employed by airlines, bus companies, railroads, and cruise lines to help customers in several ways. Reservation agents make and confirm travel arrangements for passengers by using computers and manuals to determine timetables, taxes, and other information.

Ticket agents sell tickets in terminals or in separate offices. Like reservation agents, they also use computers and manuals containing scheduling, boarding, and rate information to plan routes and calculate ticket costs. They determine whether seating is available, answer customer inquiries, check baggage, and direct passengers to proper places for boarding. They may also announce arrivals and departures and assist passengers in boarding. There are approximately 138,810 reservation and ticket agents employed in the United States.

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Quick Facts
Alternate Title(s) Airline Reservation Agents, Airline Ticket Agents, Gate Agents, General Transportation Ticket Agents, Train Reservation Clerks
Duties Make and confirm travel plans using computer systems; check baggage; respond to customer and traveler inquiries
Salary Range Below $25,000 to $75,000
Work Environment Primarily Indoors
Best Geographical Location(s) Any geographic area
Minimum Education Level
  • High School Diploma
  • Some Postsecondary Training
School Subjects
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • English
Experience Customer service internship or part-time job
Personality Traits
  • Helpful
  • Organized
  • Outgoing
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational
Certification or Licensing None
Special Requirements None
Employment Prospects Fair
Advancement Prospects Fair
Outlook Decline
Career Ladder
  • Supervisor
  • Gate Agent
  • Ticketing/Reservation Agent