Pest Control Workers

The majority of pest control workers are employed as exterminators or pest control technicians. These workers travel to homes, restaurants, hotels, food stores, warehouses, and other places where pests are likely to live and breed. Before starting on their route, they load their truck with pesticides, sprayers, and other necessary equipment and obtain route slips from company offices showing the customers' names and addresses, services to be performed, and inspection comments. Once at the residence to be serviced, they inspect the premises for rodent droppings, physical damage from insects, and other signs of infestation. They then apply chemical sprays for flies, roaches, beetles, silverfish, and other household insects in cracks in floors and walls, under sinks, and in other places that provide shelter for these pests. Mechanical traps are set for rodents, and poisonous bait is left for them in areas where it will not contaminate food supplies or endanger children or pets.

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