Nursing Home Administrators

Nursing home administrators are responsible for the management of nursing homes. Their duties are wide ranging, covering everything from keeping track of financial accounts to making sure the facility is up to code to greeting residents at social events. In addition, administrators supervise managers throughout the residence. Nursing home managers head different departments of a facility, such as housekeeping, dietary, and human resources, and they report any problems or needs to the nursing home administrator, who then addresses the situation. Administrators work closely with the medical director and nursing staff to ensure proper medical treatment for all residents. They also act as the nursing home's representative during interactions with residents' families, government agencies, and the community.

Quick Facts
Duties Manage the finances, facilities, and staff of a nursing home; ensure that residents needs are met and residents are cared for; plan events and programs; oversee administration of health care and food service; work with families of residents; plan budgets and find sources of funding; resolve complaints and problems
Alternate Title(s) None
Salary Range $50,000 to $100,000+
Employment Prospects Excellent
Advancement Prospects Good
Work Environment Primarily Indoors
Best Geographical Location(s) Opportunities exist in all regions
Education and Training
  • Bachelor's Degree
Related School Subjects
  • Business
  • Health
  • Psychology
Experience Several years' experience
  • Business Management
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational
Personality Traits
  • Enterprising
  • Organized
  • Realistic
Licensure/Certification Required
Special Requirements Pass a background check
Career Ladder
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Department Head
  • Assistant Department Head
  • Administrative Assistant

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