Meter Readers, Utilities

Meter readers spend a lot of time on the go, moving from house to house and reading the meters that record the consumption levels of gas, water, electricity, and steam. They may travel by truck or on foot. A meter reader may monitor the usage of only one particular utility (electricity, for example) or the usage of more than one type of service. Meter readers can tell how much energy has been used by checking meters, which are located either near the back of the building or in the building itself, usually in the basement. They may need to use a flashlight or other equipment to see the dial that shows the amount of power usage. This information is recorded for the utility company to use when billing customers for the amount of energy they have consumed. Meter readers may use a pencil and paper to record this information or, as is becoming increasingly popular, they may use a handheld computer or other automatic machine.

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