Landman Checks Oil Well

Landmen are hired by oil and gas companies to research and negotiate rights to lands that contain oil and minerals. Companies must secure ownership rights before they can begin drilling the land for oil, gas, or minerals. Landmen negotiate the ownership and leasing of lands by landowners, communicating the oil and gas companies' terms and securing agreement by both parties. There are field landmen and company landmen. Field landmen are hired by brokers to work as independent contractors on projects. Company landmen are employed by oil and gas companies. The market research group IBISWorld reports that the oil drilling and gas extraction industry in the United States is a $203 billion business. Growing interest in other energy resources has started to open other areas of employment for landmen, including electricity, wind energy, and solar energy. Landmen also work for telecommunications companies, financial institutions, and local municipalities.

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Quick Facts
Alternate Title(s) None
Duties Research property ownership and mineral ownership; negotiate the rights to properties and minerals through lease and sale agreements; prepare reports; may also conduct inspections of properties before drilling starts
Salary Range $50,000 to $100,000+
Work Environment Primarily Indoors
Best Geographical Location(s) Landmen work in states where oil, gas, and minerals are located, such as Texas, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, and Louisiana
Minimum Education Level
  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor's Degree
School Subjects
  • Business
  • Earth Science
  • Mathematics
Experience Internship; two to three years of experience as assistant or associate landman
Personality Traits
  • Enterprising
  • Outgoing
  • Problem-Solving
  • Business Management
  • Interpersonal
  • Research
Certification or Licensing Recommended
Special Requirements None
Employment Prospects Fair
Advancement Prospects Good
Outlook About as Fast as the Average
Career Ladder
  • Senior Landman
  • Landman
  • Associate Landman
  • Internship

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