Janitors and Cleaners

Employment for janitors and cleaners is expected to grow 12 percent by 2022, about average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Employment opportunities will be plentiful as the number of office buildings, apartments, schools, hotels, hospitals, and factories increases. The janitorial field is an easy one to enter since little training or education is required. Relatively high turnover is expected. The need to replace existing janitors and cleaners leaving the workforce for retirement or other reasons will create many full- and part-time jobs, many of which will be located in busy urban areas. Businesses providing janitorial and cleaning services on a contract basis are expected to be among the fastest growing employer of these workers. Job opportunities should also continue to be strong in the health care industry (with employment expected to grow by more than 20 percent through 2022). Workers with previous experience will be most in demand by employers.

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