Internet Developers

The career of Internet developer, like the Internet itself, is growing at a faster than average rate of 20 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). According to the DOL, this growth is mainly due to the increased use of e-commerce. also, As more and more companies look to expand their business worldwide, they need technically skilled employees to create the sites to bring their products, services, and corporate images to the Internet. In a survey of information architects by the Argus Center for Information Architecture, respondents predicted that certification and graduate degrees will become increasingly important in this career. Postsecondary training in Internet technology is growing, including graduate degrees in information design, informatics, interactive arts, human-computer interaction, and communication design. Universities that now offer strong programs in computer science, writing, and design will be developing liberal arts programs in information architecture. Jobs will be plentiful in the next decade for anyone with this specialized training.

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