Groundwater Professionals

No one really has the title groundwater professional; instead, it describes any of a number of different positions within the groundwater industry. These include different types of scientists, engineers, and technicians employed in government, private industry, and nonprofit organizations at various tasks designed to ensure safe, effective, and lawful use of groundwater supplies. In earlier times, geologists were often called upon to do groundwater work, and they continue to be important players in the field today. Geology is the science of the earth's history, composition, and structure. Specialties in the groundwater field today include hydrogeology and hydrology. Hydrogeologists study the science of groundwater supplies. Hydrologists study underground and surface water and its properties, including how water is distributed and how it moves through land, and the relationships between surface waters and the atmosphere. They provide advice on the best places to drill wells for drinking water, where to build waste disposal sites so that the waste does not contaminate the groundwater, and how to prepare for droughts or floods. Other professionals in the groundwater industry include chemists, geological engineers, water quality technicians, computer modelers, environmental engineers, chemists, bioremediation specialists, petroleum geologists, and mining engineers.

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