Foreign Correspondents

The foreign correspondent is stationed in a foreign country where his or her job is to report on the news there. Foreign news can range from the violent (wars, coups, and refugee situations) to the calm (cultural events and financial issues). Although a domestic correspondent is responsible for covering specific areas of the news, like politics, health, sports, consumer affairs, business, or religion, foreign correspondents are responsible for all of these areas in the country where they are stationed. A China-based correspondent, for example, could spend a day covering the new trade policy between the United States and China, and the next day report on the religious persecution of Christians by the Chinese government. In addition to covering "hard news," foreign correspondents also aim to keep readers or viewers aware of the various social, religious, and cultural practices of the rest of the world. They do so by writing articles or broadcasting reports on a country's cuisine, daily life, religious and social practices, and other topics that might be of interest to readers and viewers.

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