Food Service Workers

Applicants for jobs as waiters or other food service workers usually do not need a high school diploma. Most employers, however, favor applicants with some high school training, and graduation from high school is generally considered a personal asset, especially if you are planning a career in this industry. While in high school, take family and consumer science classes to learn about food preparation, storage, and presentation. Take basic math classes because you will frequently be dealing with money and will need to do addition, subtraction, and division. At some restaurants waiters carry a certain amount of money with them and make change for customers' bills right at the tables. To do this, you must make quick and accurate calculations in your head. English and speech classes should help you develop your communications skills, which are very important for waiters to have. If you have hopes of moving into management positions or owning your own food business someday, take business and accounting classes as well. In some restaurants that specialize in the foods of a certain country, servers might need to speak a foreign language, so it is a good idea to take at least one foreign language.

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