Dairy Products Manufacturing Workers

Dairy products manufacturing workers set up, operate, and tend continuous-flow or vat-type equipment to process milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products following specified methods and formulas.

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Quick Facts
Alternate Title(s) Dairy Processing Equipment Operators
Duties Operate machines to process milk and other dairy products; test and pasteurize milk; prepare products for shipping.
Salary Range Below $25,000 to $50,000
Work Environment Primarily Indoors
Best Geographical Location(s) Opportunities exist in all geographic locations, but primarily in rural areas
Minimum Education Level
  • High School Diploma
School Subjects
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
Experience On-the-job training
Personality Traits
  • Athletic
  • Hands On
  • Technical
  • Interpersonal
  • Mechanical/Manual Dexterity
  • Organizational
Certification or Licensing Required
Special Requirements Pass physical exam; must be free of contagious diseases
Employment Prospects Fair
Advancement Prospects Fair
Outlook Little Change or More Slowly than the Average
Career Ladder
  • Supervisor
  • Machine Operator
  • Repair Worker
  • Dairy Products Laborer
  • Dairy Helper

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