Corporate Climate Strategists

Corporate Climate Strategy Meeting

Corporate climate strategists advise companies on how to reduce their "footprint" on the environment and run their businesses in a more sustainable way. Strategists review current company practices and environmental policies; meet with scientists, environmental policy makers, government officials, consultants, corporate executives, and employees; attend workshops and conferences on corporate sustainability; and create corporate environmental strategies to reduce emissions and increase investment in clean technology.

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Quick Facts
Alternate Title(s) None
Duties Assist corporate clients to develop strategies to manage climate change; complete research and suggest new methods to help clients establish and reach goals; perform financial and environmental analysis of business decisions; gather related data using relevant sources; meet with government agencies and industry colleagues regarding laws, policies, and land-use rights
Salary Range $25,000 to $100,000+
Work Environment Primarily Indoors
Best Geographical Location(s) Major urban centers
Minimum Education Level
  • Bachelor's Degree
School Subjects
  • Business
  • Earth Science
  • English
Experience Internship
Personality Traits
  • Conventional
  • Problem-Solving
  • Scientific
  • Research
  • Scientific
  • Writing
Certification or Licensing None
Special Requirements None
Employment Prospects Good
Advancement Prospects Good
Outlook About as Fast as the Average
Career Ladder
  • Senior Manager/Strategist
  • Corporate Climate Strategist
  • Strategist Intern