Does working as a caterer sound interesting to you? If so, you should take family and consumer science classes in high school. Any class that will teach you about food preparation, presentation, and nutrition will be valuable. Since caterers run their own businesses, you should also take math, accounting and bookkeeping, and business classes to prepare for dealing with budgets, record keeping, and management. Like so many small-business owners today, most caterers use computers for such tasks as planning schedules, keeping addresses, preparing billing statements, and updating accounts, so be sure to take computer classes, especially those in database management. English classes will help you to hone your communication skills, which will be essential when you deal with customers. Since many food service workers speak Spanish as their native language, it is a good idea to take Spanish classes. Finally, round out your education by taking health and science classes, which will give you an added understanding of nutrition, how the body works, and how to prevent food contamination.

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