Bed and Breakfast Owners

High School

Because you'll essentially be maintaining a home as a bed and breakfast owner, you should take family and consumer science courses. These courses can prepare you for the requirements of shopping and cooking for a group of people, as well as budgeting household finances. But a bed and breakfast is also a business, so you need to further develop those budgeting skills in a business fundamentals class, accounting, and math. A shop class, or some other hands-on workshop, can be very valuable to you; take a class that will teach you about electrical wiring, woodworking, and other elements of home repair. English and speech classes will help you to communicate with your customers. Classes in a foreign language, such as Spanish, will help you to communicate with customers who do not speak English as their first language. Computer science-related classes will help you learn how to create and manage databases, design Web sites, and otherwise use computers and the Internet to promote your business. Finally, you will need to be constantly marketing your business to potential customers, so be sure to take as many marketing and advertising classes that are available.  

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