Stone, Concrete, Ceramics, and Glass

The stone, concrete, ceramics, and glass industries are parts of the broader manufacturing and construction industries. Companies in the stone business take rock from the earth and manufacture it into either cut stone or partly finished stone. The products made from stone are grouped into nearly 20 different categories, including cut stone altars, baptismal fonts, benches, monuments, paving blocks, pulpits, tombstones, urns, and vases, as well as slate blackboards, burial vaults, curbing, marble pedestals and statues, slate roofing, and marble table tops. Stone is a durable, adaptable material for building purposes, although one of its drawbacks is that it may be much more difficult to cut and transport than alternative materials. Today it remains popular, particularly as a material for enhancing the appearance of important structures, such as hotels, public buildings, and churches. In modern construction, a covering of stone veneer about two inches thick is applied in various patterns to exterior surfaces of buildings; the veneer is anchored and supported on a steel frame.

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