Media and Entertainment

Earnings in the media and entertainment industry vary greatly by sector and job title. Top actors, directors, network broadcast anchors, columnists, writers, disc jockeys, game developers, and software developers earn salaries that often average $200,000 a year and can exceed $1 million annually. On the other hand, workers in many industry sectors report declining earnings as a result of industry consolidation and competition for jobs, among other factors. Still, the DOL reports that those in media and entertainment occupations earn higher mean annual salaries than the average for workers in all occupations (which was $45,790 in May 2013). Those in newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishing (except Internet) earned $52,320, while workers in radio and television broadcasting made $58,650. Mean annual salaries in the motion picture and video industries were $60,130, and workers in software publishing made $94,530.

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