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Cover Letter Basics

Cover Letters

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Do you really need to send a cover letter with your résumé? The answer is a resounding "yes!"...

Advice for Writing Cover Letters

For someone new to the job market, it can be difficult to determine what to include on both the...

How to Avoid Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Knowing what not to do in a cover letter is just as important as knowing what to do. The tips...

Delivering Your Cover Letter and Résumé

This is a true story: A woman walked into a retail store located in a mall and asked if the...

Networking and Thank You Letters

Your written correspondence with a potential employer does not end with the cover letter that...

Cover Letter Advice (from the Blog)

Cold Call Cover Letters

Send this type of letter to companies who have not posted an advertisement.
7 Samples

Direct Mail Cover Letters

13 Samples

Response to Ad Cover Letters

16 Samples

Referral Letters

2 Samples

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