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Vault’s Law Blog covers news and trends relating to legal careers. Law Blog contributors offer insights on the legal industry and provide career advice for law students, attorneys, and JDs.

Contributors have included:

  • Matt Moody: Matt is the current Law Editor at Vault. Prior to joining Vault, Matt worked as a litigator at two Vault 100 law firms. Matt has a JD from Georgetown Law and a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida.
  • Vera Djordjevich: Vera is currently the Director of Research & Consulting at Vault. A former litigator, she holds degrees from New York University School of Law and Stanford University.
  • Nicole Weber: Nicole is a legal recruiting professional and previously worked as an associate at a large New York firm. Nicole has a JD from Georgetown Law and a BA from Williams College.
  • Rachel Marx Boufford: Rachel is a recruiting and marketing professional and previously worked as a litigation associate at a large New York law firm. Rachel has a JD from Harvard Law School and a BA from Tufts University.
  • Mary Kate Sheridan: Mary Kate holds a JD from Columbia Law School and a BA in English from Mary Washington College. Mary Kate is a writer, editor and attorney, who previously worked as a litigation associate at a large law firm.
  • Brian Dalton: Brian received a JD from Fordham Law School and a BA in History from Middlebury College. Following law school, Brian worked as an associate at a New York City law firm.

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Vault's Legal Diversity Career Fair: Registration Open!

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 25, 2011

Hollywood, get ready because Vault is heading your way this July. We're also setting up camp in the land of khakis and politics. That's right, the Vault/MCCA Legal Diversity Career Fair is back for its sixth year, and this year we're getting the west coast in on the action (allowing us not only to reach attorneys and law students across the country but perhaps also to answer the burning question of which coast really is best: east or west) by hosting the career fair in... Read More >

The Other Side of the Socratic: Tips for Pursuing a Career i

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 25, 2011

Legal academia is one of those careers that seems unreachable, both because of how competitive it is-generally requiring impeccable grades from a top school and published scholarship to even be considered-and how little information is out there on pursuing the profession. But students in the Lions' legal den are receiving valuable tools to prepare them for future careers as law professors through Columbia Law School's Careers in Law Teaching Program. According to... Read More >

6 Things to Consider When Applying to Law School

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 19, 2011

Do your research before you click the "Send" button on your law school application.This was the theme of the panel that I moderated last night at NYU on the pros and cons of law school: Should I Apply to Law School? Hosted by Stratus Prep, the panel included three attorneys and one future attorney at various stages of their careers:•Shawn O'Connor, Founder / President, Stratus Prep •Peter Samuels, Senior Partner and Co-Head M&A, Proskauer •Rebecca Gingold,... Read More >

Revamping Law Firm Interviews

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 18, 2011

Did Jane Eyre nab me offers from BigLaw firms when I was an eager law student interviewing during EIP? I'll never know. But I (to my surprise) talked about my favorite book repeatedly throughout my law firm interviews, along with what I thought of certain professors at my law school and which restaurants in New York were my favorite. I remember my law firm interviews being largely conversational. Of course, the interviewers asked me the obligatory questions on my decision to go to law... Read More >

Pros & Cons of Law School

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 16, 2011

Toying with the notion of going to law school but not sure if the (quite possibly) six-figure investment and three-year commitment is worth it? Join me on Wednesday night in New York City for a panel discussion on the good, the bad and the in-between of a law degree.Hear from a Vault Law 100 law firm partner, an assistant district attorney, an admissions counselor and a recent law school graduate. And get ready to build your connections at a networking reception (with refreshments)... Read More >

5 Tips for a Successful Start to Your Law Firm Summer

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 16, 2011

Time to pack away those casebooks and pull out your business best-summer associate programs are about to begin. You've heard all of the law firm hype, and now it's time to see it first-hand. But this isn't just time to sit back, watch BigLaw life and sip way too many cocktails with your fellow summers each night. Your summer associateship is a multiple-week-long job interview, and in this current job market, you've got to make a good impression.Sometimes a good... Read More >

Will BigLaw Simon Ever Say Merit-Based Comp?

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 13, 2011

Law firm compensation looks a lot like a game of Simon Says. Simon (or Cravath) Says pay all first years x. Simon Says pay all first years y. Pay first years based on their performance. Tsk, tsk . . . I didn't say "Simon Says."Most of the BigLaw firms follow the leader, paying the same compensation and bonuses based strictly on class year. But several firms have said so long to BigLaw Simon and ventured into merit-based compensation models. A recent panel at NALP called... Read More >

A Career in Entertainment Law

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 12, 2011

Graduating during the economic downturn, Nathan Sheffield was stuck in the legal job market's murky waters. But he took advantage of opportunities and connections to eventually land him right where he belonged: as an entertainment and sports attorney. Sheffield not only broke into his dream area-he helped found the Sports & Entertainment practice group at his law firm. In the below interview with Vault, Sheffield talks about his career path, working as an entertainment... Read More >

Raj Rajaratnam Guilty of Insider Trading

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 11, 2011

Raj Rajaratnam-founder of Galleon Group-has been convicted of insider trading. He was convicted on all 14 counts, which included 9 counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and 5 counts of securities fraud. Rajaratnam-who was represented by BigLaw firm Akin Gump-will appeal. Check out Vault's Finance blog for more information and past coverage of the trial.Read More:Rajaratnam Found Guilty on All 14 Accounts 6 Unresolved Questions in the Wake of the Rajaratnam... Read More >

A Better Dialogue Regarding Law School Scholarships

by Vault Law Editors  |  May 10, 2011

--By Jeff Thomas On May 1, the New York Times garnered a lot of attention in the legal education community with its article "Law Students Lose the Grant Game as Schools Win," regarding the disappearing act of merit-based scholarships for many 2L students. The reporter, David Segal, contends that some law schools game the law school rankings by luring in applicants who have stellar LSAT scores and high GPAs-the rankings are very much driven by these two factors for... Read More >

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