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Vault's Consult THIS covers breaking news of interest to consultants, tips on getting hired, and discussion of key issues in the life of a consultant.

Contributors have included:

  • Phil Stott: Phil Stott is currently Vault's consulting editor.  Originally from Scotland, he has lived in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the U.S., and has worked in fields such as consumer banking, education, and journalism.
  • Sam Reynolds: Sam graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in English. He has worked as a newspaper writer and reporter.
  • Naomi Newman: Naomi Newman graduated with a BA in American Studies from Barnard College, with a concentration in economics. Naomi has edited numerous Vault guides, including the Vault Guide to the Top 25 Technology Consulting Firms.

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Do's and Don'ts for the Consulting Interview

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  October 15, 2012

The search for a job, whether you're coming out of college or a senior executive, is never easy.  It is a venture into the unknown, and that can be scary and daunting. But fret not! While a healthy respect for the interview process should always be maintained, there are some tips that can help make your day go much more smoothly.    Make a solid introduction As my parents always said on the first day of school, "you Read More >

The 2013 Vault Europe Consulting Rankings Are Here!

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  October 10, 2012

The economic situation in Europe might still be the largest of the "known unknowns" facing the world's economy. Seemingly balanced on a knife-edge, anything other than positive news from the likes of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy has the potential to send world markets into chaos-to say nothing of conditions within some of those countries (unemployment currently stands at 11.4% across the Eurozone, while youth unemployment in Spain is currently above 50%, having crossed the 40%... Read More >

Vault's Asia Pacific Consulting Rankings Are Here!

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  September 20, 2012

In an increasingly global economy, businesses have fewer boundaries than ever before, and must go where the opportunities are in order to survive, compete and grow. The rising importance of the Asia Pacific region is no secret-China and Japan boast the second- and third- largest economies in the world, with China expected to become the world's leading economic power sometime in the next two decades. With that reality in mind, has been surveying consultants at firms in the Asia... Read More >

How to Tell the Story of Your Summer Internship

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  July 16, 2012

This is the first in a series of posts for Vault by Nick Waugh and Kenton Kivestu on preparing for the upcoming consulting recruitment cycle. Stay tuned for a four-part series on cracking the case interview that will be coming up in August-just in time for the launch of the 2013 edition of the Vault Consulting 50 rankings. "You didn't summer in consulting?" Having recruited many second-year MBA students, there always seem to be a n Read More >

Career Change: Identifying Transitional Skills

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  June 25, 2012

When it comes to changing jobs, there's a clear hierarchy of difficulty at play: Easiest: Changing to a job in the same function and industry. Harder: Changing job function or industry. Hardest: Changing both your job function and your industry at the same time. And yet, despite that hierarchy, many people do attempt to take on major career changes all the time. According to Chris Kovitz, Associate Director of the MBA Career Center at the Paul Merage School of Business (UC, Irvine),... Read More >

6 Things Every Consulting Candidate Should Know

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  April 20, 2012

From outward appearances, business consulting is glamorous. You work with top people at respected firms. You travel constantly. You delve into the deepest recesses of prominent organizations to help solve their problems. You play hard and work harder-and for all that you earn some serious money. If that's your definition of glamour, then management consulting could be for you. But the process of getting into consulting is far from glamorous and competition is fierce. The ability to reach... Read More >

4 Tips to Help You Leave Work Earlier

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  April 16, 2012

Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg has been in the news of late for an interview she did with, an organization dedicated to "showcasing hundreds of compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow." While there are many meaningful takeaways from the interview, one minute-long segment about leaving work "on time" has had the blogosphere buzzing. In the segment, Sandberg-a mother of two, and one of the most powerful people in the tech industry-cops to leaving work at 5:30 every... Read More >

What the Unemployment Number Means for Your Job Search

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  April 09, 2012

"It's getting worse. It's his fault. Vote for me." "No, it's getting better. It's my doing, and it would get worse if you voted for him. Vote for me." With the amount of noise over the unemployment number likely to get more intense the closer the election gets, it's probably time for yet another reality check. So here goes: The unemployment number doesn't matter. Well, it does, but only in the macro sense. But for you, reading this-maybe worried about entering the job market for the... Read More >

Life on the Beach: What's a Consultant to Do?

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  April 02, 2012

It's difficult to feel anything but jealous when someone you know announces that they'll be spending the foreseeable future "on the beach." But spare a thought for that person if they happen to work as a consultant. Because while that expression may conjure up images of daiquiris and sun lotion for you, it can represent some of the most anxious moments of a consultant's career. The reason: being on the beach (or the bench) means that a consultant is between engagements-a period where... Read More >

Announcing the Consulting 2012 Quality of Life Rankings

by Vault Consulting Editors  |  August 31, 2011

More than ever before, consultants are looking beyond prestige when determining their future place of employment.  Today, firm culture, compensation, both formal and informal training, and various other Quality of Life factors are becoming equally, if not more important, than a name brand. This was the basis behind the recently released Vault Consulting 50 Rankings, which Read More >

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