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Vault’s Careers Blog covers working world news and trends, with advice and strategies for modern careerists. Careers Blog contributors advise on everything from cover letters to exit interviews, with an ear to the ground on recruiting trends, unemployment numbers, and the ever changing job market.

Contributors have included:

  • Cathy Vandewater: Cathy is an associate producer for A writer, editor, and serial intern, she holds a BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.
  • Phil Stott: Phil Stott is currently Vault's consulting editor.  Originally from Scotland, he has lived in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the U.S., and has worked in fields such as consumer banking, education, and journalism.

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Case Interviews: The Dangers of Too Much Practice

by Vault Careers  |  July 30, 2012

This is the second in a series of posts for Vault by Nick Waugh and Kenton Kivestu on preparing for the upcoming consulting recruitment cycle. Check in for a new interview-related post each Monday until August 27th, when we will be launching the 2013 edition of the Vault Consulting 50, which will feature insider information-including tips and sample interview question-from thousands of practicing consultants at the most prestigious consulting firms in the world.   Most candidates prepare... Read More >

How to Get in the Right Mindset for an Interview

by Vault Careers  |  July 24, 2012

OK, so you wrote a brilliant cover letter, remembered to attach your equally sterling resume (yes, I've screwed this part up), and had your suit/dress/pantsuit dry-cleaned by the best in the business. You're an excellent worker, an attractive hire, and perfectly suited for the position you've applied for. There's just one problem: interviews turn you into a stuttering puddle of sweat. Fear not. I used to be just like you. It comes down to performance anxiety, and the adrenaline that hits... Read More >

Staying on Task While Working From Home

by Vault Careers  |  July 12, 2012

Before you get excited about a "working from home" perk, you might want to check if your company uses Spectorsoft first. According the Wall Street Journal, the surveillance software (also marketed to watchful parents of tech savvy kids) is being commonly being used to track employee activity. Also popular? "NesterSoft, a Woodbridge, Ontario, maker of a monitoring program called WorkTime." WorkTime gives its clients reports on their employees, with titles like "Top Facebook... Read More >

Device-free Days Off: 3 Tips for Powering Down

by Vault Careers  |  July 03, 2012

How many hours a week do you work? Chances are, about 7 more than you think you do. According to a new study by Good Technology, Americans are working almost a full extra day per week-by answering phone calls and emails from home, and (shudder) vacation. With a precious holiday coming up in the middle of a work week (Happy 4th!), it may be unrealistic to encourage everyone to go cold turkey on work correspondence. But there are ways you can get control over your iphone-and even use it to... Read More >

A Real Day In the Life?

by Vault Careers  |  June 29, 2012

You've heard of the informational interview-sitting down with a person whose career you admire, and asking questions about their career and trajectory. But what about experiencing their career? Or rather, a few days of it? That's what Jennifer Turliuk did. After finding little satisfaction in her first corporate job, Turliuk quit the position and opted instead to try "testing out the different career experiences I was interested in, in the most low commitment way that I could for each... Read More >

4 Reasons Why Taking Breaks is Good for You

by Vault Careers  |  June 19, 2012

We're not suggesting you build a sleep center under your desk, a la George Costanza. But planning-and taking!-breaks throughout the day can be ask key to staying productive as your actual work. Feeling guilty about your blog habit or some under the desk texting? Don't! As long as you're toggling back to your work, those mental breaks can keep your energy up, your work high-quality, and your focus sharp. Here's why: 1. Your attention stays sharper Just like sights and smells tend to fade... Read More >

How to Change Careers and Get Hired in a New Industry

by Vault Careers  |  June 11, 2012

Karen Amatangelo-Block recently changed jobs after working nearly a decade and a half in recruiting at large law firms. She is now the Director of Global Recruiting at Abt Associates, a consulting firm with 2,300 staff worldwide that focuses on health, social and environmental policy, and international development. Here, she reports for Vault about the challenges she has faced since changing industry. (Note: for a taste of Karen's day-to-day life in her new role, be sure to check out her Day... Read More >

Cursing at Work: Yay or Nay?

by Vault Careers  |  June 05, 2012

Informality rules most of our offices, but how laid back can our language get? You may enjoy sneakers and T-shirts at work, but F-bombs and S-words are a little less straight-forward. Is it okay to joke around with bad words, in an informal setting? Can a well-timed curse win your respect, even at a serious meeting? There are really no hard and fast rules for profanity, and every workplace is different. But a few guidelines can help you play safely with risky words: 1. Keep your ears... Read More >

10 Ways To Get More From Your Summer Fridays

by Vault Careers  |  May 25, 2012

Memorial Day weekend is finally here! For a few lucky ducks, it also signifies the first of a weekly phenomenon: the summer Friday. Whether you're getting a half or a whole day off, or nothing (but scrambling to leave before the sun goes down) we've got some tips to help you get out of the office and onto the beach a little faster. Enjoy! 1. Complete your hardest tasks first The assignments you're dreading are the ones most dangerous to your beach time. Identify what you're most likely... Read More >

For the Class of 2012: Top 10 Ways to Build a Career

by Vault Careers  |  May 17, 2012

1. Consider a change in scenery A change of locale to where the jobs are might seem drastic, but can open the door to many opportunities. Increasingly, the areas with the greatest need for skilled workers are in places that recent college graduates used to abandon for the coasts such as Austin, Tex., Salt Lake City and Indianapolis. 2. Continue your training While you may think that a college degree is the end of your education, many in-demand jobs require specialized training, such as... Read More >

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