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How to Make Travel Part of Your Job

by Vault Careers  |  March 14, 2016

Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life -       Confucius  Many of us have grown up hearing inspirational career quotes like the one above. In many ways they have encouraged us to continue fighting for a job we're passionate about and that fits into the lifestyle we would ultimately like to have.  For those of us that are passionate about traveling (a number that appears to be growing), find Read More >

4 Questions to Ask in Private Equity Interviews

by Vault Careers  |  March 08, 2016

In any interview, and certainly in private equity interviews, you should walk in armed with questions about the company so you can glean more about your potential employer and the company can come away with some appreciation that you've done your homework. That said, this won't be the time to ask about benefits and pay-ask too early and you look greedy. Instead, you'll want to ask smart questions about the company to learn more about what it does, how it operates, and what your position... Read More >

6 Ways to Build Better Relationships with Coworkers

by Vault Careers  |  March 07, 2016

Learning how to build relationships within a team or company can lead to personal growth and plenty of professional opportunities. But there's no doubt that fostering authentic relationships with colleagues can be challenging. So, here are a few ways to build stronger relationships with coworkers in order to improve the quality of your work life, open up doors for personal and professional development, and add value to your organization's culture.  1. Discover your interests.  Get to know... Read More >

Why Customer Service Skills Can Help Your Career (Even If It's Not in Retail)

by Vault Careers  |  February 22, 2016

When I think of customer service, a department store register or the counter at a fast food restaurant usually comes to mind. While these are certainly archetypes of the quintessential business/customer interaction, customer service goes far beyond retail - it seeps into every industry, public or private, no matter the transaction type or parties involved.  Regardless of what services you offer, your clients are, hands down, the most important part of your business. I know this isn't... Read More >

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

by Vault Careers  |  February 10, 2016

In these modern times, the place of the individual in the workplace is slowly but surely starting to gain ground. Gone are the days when workers can be merely labelled as "spokes in the corporate wheel". While not all of us have the capability to become great leaders, the mere fact that most businesses and corporations are now encouraged to work more for the betterment and enrichment of the individual should be enough to inspire you to freely seek newer heights in your chosen career, and,... Read More >

Romance Is in the Air: The 2016 Office Romance Survey Results Are Here!

by Vault Careers  |  February 10, 2016

The results of Vault's 2016 office romance survey are in. Check out the slideshow to find out who's being doing what, with whom--and where.

Read More >

Will Virtual Reality Be Part of Your Next Job?

by Vault Careers  |  February 03, 2016

Virtual reality is one of those technologies that, in the past, has always seemed to have too big of shoes to fill. Every decade or so we get our hopes up that this will be the time that impressive virtual reality devices are released that meet our expectations, only to realize that the technology is far behind our imaginations.  Well, this time advances in technology may have finally caught up. In the last few years numerous large companies such as Google, Facebook, and Samsung have... Read More >

3 Major Differences Between Consulting and Startup Life

by Vault Careers  |  January 27, 2016

Andrew Faircloth and Brent Macon were management consultants for three years (Andrew with Bain & Co., Brent with McKinsey & Co.). They started Primer Sports in August 2015 to help outgoing professionals use sports to connect with people in the workplace and beyond. Both are first-time entrepreneurs. This is the third in a series of posts for Vault in which they discuss some of the issues they have faced so far in their journey from consultants to entrepre Read More >

Take Our 2016 Office Romance Survey!

by Vault Careers  |  January 19, 2016

Is it acceptable at your firm to date your coworkers? What about your subordinates? Your managers? Your clients? Do you know anyone who met their significant other on the job? Has a colleague of yours ever been caught getting "romantic" in the stairwell? Have any of your bosses had a clandestine affair with his or her assistant? Vault's annual Office Romance Survey asks these and other questions about love on the job. All surveys remain completely anonymous. So we encourage you to be... Read More >

Key Skills Every C# Developer Needs

by Vault Careers  |  January 19, 2016

The rather obvious answer to the question "What key skill is needed for a career in C#.NET software development?", is a background in software development using the C# language. Needless to say there is a little bit more to it than that, but let's start there.  Firstly, for those that aren't familiar, what is C#? Microsoft's C# is a multi-paradigm language for computer programming, meaning it supports more than one fundamental st Read More >