Piyali Syam

Piyali Syam

Piyali is the Associate Law Editor at Vault. She has a BA in Philosophy from Fordham University and has worked at the Fordham Law School and written for the PBS show NATURE. She writes about general and law-related career topics on Vault’s blog.

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Why Does the U.S. Hate Vacation Time?

by Piyali Syam  |  June 05, 2013

Thinking about going to Europe for your next vacation? You may want to consider moving there instead. Permanently. Might we suggest Austria? The Center for Economic and Policy Research recently published a new report titled "No-Vacation Nation Revisited," a follow-up to its first report on the subject of vacation time in the U.S. as compared to other developed nations published in 2007. The findings? The U.S. is the single most anti-vacation nation out of all the richest and developed... Read More >

Can Good Lawyers Be Good Parents?

by Piyali Syam  |  May 21, 2013

Are rainmaking and homemaking compatible endeavors or unlikely bedfellows? Approximately a quarter of the respondents (26%) of Vault's first ever Working Parent Survey worked in law, and voiced their opinions on and experiences with hot-button topics relevant to working parents, including employer parental leave policies, flex-time, on-site child services, stay-at-home parenting, how accommodating their workplaces are to the needs of raising a family and if they would recommend their... Read More >

For Love or Money?

by Piyali Syam  |  April 16, 2013

It's the eternal question. Should I do what I love, money be darned, or should I go for the big bucks, idealism be darned? Just how much should money factor into your career decision? It's a big question, one that you can't be expected to have a ready answer for right out of school. And it's an ever-evolving question, the answer to which will likely change throughout different stages of your life. The answer isn't easy, but, as always, there are both practical and personal things to... Read More >

Don’t Be an April Fool! Curb Workplace Stress

by Piyali Syam  |  April 04, 2013

Whether it's because of the seasonal flux or upcoming tax deadline, April is officially Stress Awareness Month. Work can be a breeding ground for stress: big projects, tight deadlines, high octane presentations, important meetings… the list goes on and on. Some stress is normal, but if left unchecked, stress can interfere with your concentration, productivity, creativity, mood and motivation, and even lead to health problems such as heart disease, obesity, hypertension, depression and... Read More >

A Day in the Life: Legal Aid of Manasota

by Piyali Syam  |  March 26, 2013

Jaime Rubin interned with Legal Aid of Manasota in Sarasota, Florida, during each summer throughout her time at University of Florida Levin College of Law. Having taken a Disability Law course in law school and knowing she wanted to continue working with children and families, her research led her to discover a serious lack of services, legal and otherwise, for children in need of special education. Her Equal Justice Works project, funded by the Florida Bar Foundation, aims to create a... Read More >

A Day in the Life: Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

by Piyali Syam  |  March 05, 2013

During law school, Georgetown Law graduate Drake Hagner knew she wanted to enter the field of community-oriented public interest law and volunteered at several clinics, where she gained experience in areas of the law including domestic violence, housing, homelessness and disability rights. She found that poverty was at the root of many other social justice issues, and became interested in how the law could be used as a tool to help people in poverty. Drake was awarded an Equal Justice Works... Read More >

Career Tests: How to Make Them Work for You

by Piyali Syam  |  February 11, 2013

If you're a student or recent graduate wondering what career path to pursue, or a professional dissatisfied with your current job and considering a career switch, a career test can be a helpful tool. Career tests won't give you a magical prediction of your professional future. But what they can give you is insight into yourself-your unique talents, strengths, weaknesses, values and goals-which translates into suggestions of careers which you are likely to find fulfilling. There are many... Read More >

A Day in the Life: Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project

by Piyali Syam  |  January 24, 2013

While a 1L, Susan Friedman learned of a critical National Academy of Sciences report on the strengths and weaknesses of forensic science in the courtroom. Susan, who came to law school with two science degrees (a Bachelor's in Biochemistry and a Master's in Biomedical Sciences) and a passion for public interest law, was in the market for something that would combine her science background with her interest in service. She wasted no time; at the beginning of her 2L year, she contacted the... Read More >

New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make the Most of 2013

by Piyali Syam  |  December 27, 2012

Now that you've survived Doomsday 2012 and the holidays are winding down to a close, it's time to come to terms with the impending four digits on the horizon: 2013. The end of one year and the start of another is the perfect time to reassess where you currently are in life-and where you want to go. As a larger unit of time, a year is the perfect backdrop against which to gain a holistic perspective of your goals, dreams and happiness. Your career, as a significant part of your life,... Read More >

Hurricane Sandy: Equal Justice Works Legal Assistance

by Piyali Syam  |  December 20, 2012

In times of disaster, public interest organizations like Equal Justice Works become especially relevant as people who have lost their homes and livelihoods find themselves in special need of legal services. Equal Justice Works Americorps Legal Fellow Marcy Wehling gave Vault some insight into the legal aspects of disaster relief and the unique challenges posed by a storm's aftermath. Marcy, who graduated from CUNY Law in 2011, was doing public benefits and other civil legal work in... Read More >

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