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Phil Stott

Phil Stott is a Vault Editor. Since joining Vault in 2007, he has covered a variety of industries including consulting, consumer products and technology. He is also well-versed in general career issues, having worked in a variety of fields including freelance journalism, consumer banking, English language teaching, soccer coaching and more. Originally from Scotland, he holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Modern History and a Masters in Research in Civil Engineering. 

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What Makes a Great Internship Program?

by Phil Stott  |  October 21, 2014

With the launch of our 2015 internship rankings around the corner, I have been thinking about some of the factors that go into making a top program-both from the intern's perspective, and from the firm's side. After all: there has to be a reason that firms choose to commit time and resources to creating these programs, right? Earlier this year, I was invited to attend Northwestern Mutual's annual conference in its home city of Milwaukee, WI, to get a feel for the firm and its approach to... Read More >

Should We All be Working Shorter Hours?

by Phil Stott  |  October 15, 2014

What would it take for you to accept reduced work hours? Think of all the extra things you could do: more time for leisure. For family. For vacations. For leading healthier, less stressed, more balanced lives. Assuming that the pay was the same, and that someone else would be picking up the slack, I suspect that a lot of us wouldn't have any objections to spending less time at work. But there's the rub: there's no way you can do all of that-the offer of fewer hours in the office is a... Read More >

Consultants are Super-Optimistic About the Future

by Phil Stott  |  October 07, 2014

It's a great year for the consulting industry-at least if the outlook of its employees is anything to go by. With the launch of the Vault Consulting rankings out of the way, I've been spending some time going through some of the data we collected from the 12,000 or so responses to our survey this year, and will be posting some of the more interesting insights here in the coming days and weeks. First up: this summary of the outlook across various practice areas within the industry,... Read More >

Pre-Hire Vacations: The Perk of the Future?

by Phil Stott  |  October 01, 2014

Are "pre-cations" set to become the next new trend among employers trying to distinguish themselves from the pack? A recent Slate article highlights a couple of Silicon Valley firms-42 Floors and Atlassian-that have been doing wha Silicon Valley firms do best: disrupting the established order--in this case, how they onboard their employees. According to Slate, 42 Floors offers vacation to new hires ahead of their start date, while Atlassian gives new employees a travel voucher and... Read More >

McKinsey Named Top Consulting Firm to Work For in Europe

by Phil Stott  |  September 24, 2014

The results of our final consulting rankings for the year are in, and once again it is McKinsey that has dominated the prestige and Best to Work For categories in Europe-with Bain also emerging (surprise!) as one of the best firms to work for in the region (as both firms are wherever they operate). But look further than the headlines, and there are some intriguing plotlines to be found, demonstrating yet again that, while rankings are a useful tool for understanding the broad picture of the... Read More >

The 2015 Asia-Pacific Consulting Rankings are Here!

by Phil Stott  |  September 09, 2014

There are few surprises at the top of our consulting rankings for Asia-Pacific this year, with McKinsey holding onto its top spot both on the overall ranking, and in prestige. As with last year, Bain & Co. finished in second place overall in the region. The results demonstrate the solid performance of the top players in the global industry across all regions, particularly with respect to working conditions. Indeed, both McKinsey and Bain are notable for their commitment to ensuring... Read More >

Will a Robot Take Your Job?

by Phil Stott  |  September 04, 2014

For as long as there's been technology, there have been predictions that we'll eventually reach a tipping point where it destroys more jobs than it creates. In some science fiction, this is the stuff that futuristic utopias are made of: with the dirty jobs farmed out to robots, humans can focus on other pursuits. Other takes on the future, however, are more dystopian-with less work to go around, we're more likely to experience high rates of inequality, becoming a society divided into... Read More >

Vault's 2015 Consulting Rankings Are Here!

by Phil Stott  |  August 19, 2014

It's been quite a year for changes in the consulting industry, which is apropos for the launch of our 2015 Consulting Industry ranking-the pendulum for "Best Consulting Firm to Work For" has swung back to Bain this year, with the firm beating McKinsey to pole position by the slenderest of margins, powered by incredible performance across our individual Best to Work For categories.   Out in the industry, the biggest change is easy to identify: the deal that saw Booz & Co. join forces... Read More >

Vacation Auto-delete for Email: Good Policy or Bad for Business?

by Phil Stott  |  August 14, 2014

Over on his Marginal Revolution blog, Economist Tyler Cowen reports that German auto firm Daimler has given some 100,000 employees the option to have any incoming emails auto-delete while they are on vacation. According to the FT piece cited by Cowen, "The sender is notified by the 'Mail on Holiday' assistant that the email has not been received and is invited to contact a nominated substitute instead. Employees can therefore return from their summer vacation to an empty inbox." As... Read More >

"Don't Choose this Firm!" What the Unhappiest Consultants Say About Their Companies

by Phil Stott  |  August 05, 2014

As we gear up for the launch of the 2014-15 Vault Consulting rankings later this month, I've been spending a lot of time with the data collected from our survey, trying to figure out what makes the top firms different from the others in the industry. The answer to that question: happy employees-and lots of them. For more than that, you'll have to check back in when we launch the rankings on August 19th! However, it also occurred to me to take a look at the other end of the scale: the... Read More >

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