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Phil Stott

Phil Stott is a Vault Editor. Since joining Vault in 2007, he has covered a variety of industries including consulting, consumer products and technology. He is also well-versed in general career issues, having worked in a variety of fields including freelance journalism, consumer banking, English language teaching, soccer coaching and more. Originally from Scotland, he holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Modern History and a Masters in Research in Civil Engineering. 

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Boomers and Millennials Disagree About College. Who's Right?

by Phil Stott  |  October 18, 2016

As if we needed any reminder of how different today's economic environment is than the one that the Baby Boomer generation graduated into, consider the following chart, which comes to us via some research by the American Advisors Group. Note that this isn't a then and now comparison: this data represents attitudes today. And, despite everything they've seen, more than 1 in 4 boomers don't think that college education is important to career success at all, compared to Read More >

Why We Need a Debate About Outsourcing

by Phil Stott  |  October 10, 2016

By now, you've probably heard everything you could possibly want to about the election-unless of, course, you're hoping to hear anything about policy. Somewhere amidst all of the accusations and jail threats and leaked emails and audio recordings, there's a debate that should be about the future direction of the US as a country. A large section of that "would be nice to have" debate would surely center around jobs, and the economy, and the relative merits of concepts like wage and... Read More >

How to Impress a Recruiter in an Interview

by Phil Stott  |  October 03, 2016

There's a reason that so much career advice centers around the job interview: it's your one opportunity to make an impression in a face-to-face setting with the person who is standing between you and the whatever life goal you're hoping to achieve by landing the job. Regardless of that person's position, if they're part of the interview chain, they have the potential to make or break the process for you-so knowing how to impress them is a crucial part of the process, no matter how qualified... Read More >

10 Consulting Firms That Go the Extra Mile

by Phil Stott  |  September 28, 2016

With the launch of our European consulting rankings yesterday, Vault's 2016-17 consulting rankings rollout is now complete. If you've been paying attention over the past 6 weeks, you'll know that we've offered our signature lists of companies in 3 major regions for the consulting industry: North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. As I've mentioned before, each of those sets of rankings (yes, sets: each region gets its own overall, prestige, practice are and quality Read More >

The Best Consulting Firms in Asia Pacific 2017

by Phil Stott  |  September 13, 2016

I'm delighted to announce the launch of Vault's 2017 Top Consulting Rankings for Asia-Pacific-the most comprehensive look under the hood of consulting firms operating in the region that you'll find anywhere. As with our recently-unveiled North America rankings (not to mention our soon-to-released European edition), these rankings are  based on our annual consulting survey, which this year attracted a record 17,000+ responses from verified, currently practicing consultants inside the... Read More >

You Don't Really Need a Standing Desk

by Phil Stott  |  September 09, 2016

For several years, standing desks have been growing in popularity, as headlines about the dangers of sitting have permeated the consciousness of office workers the world over. So it came as something of a surprise to me when I glanced at the cover of the latest edition of Outside magazine and saw that one of this month's features was being billed as an explanation of "Why stand-up desks are a sham." As it turns out, that's not exactly what the article shows-standing desks do have a role... Read More >

Startups vs Established Firms: Where Are the Jobs?

by Phil Stott  |  September 07, 2016

With all the media attention that's lavished on the startup community, you'd be forgiven for thinking that up-and-coming businesses are the only ones driving the economy.  In one sense, you'd be right: as a recently-released data set from the US Census Bureau shows, the majority of companies (around 97%) in the US aren't old enough to have celebrated their sweet 16. But in the sense of things that matter to everyday people in the real economy, those established business--the remaining 3%... Read More >

The Difference Between Boutiques and Big Consulting Firms

by Phil Stott  |  August 29, 2016

For the past three years, we've been ranking the top boutique consulting firms to work for, as part of an effort to differentiate between life at the better-known names in the field, and those that are either up-and-coming, or which prefer to fly below the radar. For this post, I thought I'd take a look at some of the differences between life at a big firm and a boutique, as told in the data provided in our 2016 consulting survey. So if you're wondering what sp Read More >

The Best Consulting Firms to Work For 2017

by Phil Stott  |  August 23, 2016

I'm delighted to announce that the 2016-17 Vault Consulting Rankings have landed-and it's all change at the top of the Vault Consulting 50, which is our signature ranking of the best consulting firms to work for in North America. Without further ado, here's the top 10: 1. Bain & Company2.  Read More >

Should You Delete Your Social Media Presence?

by Phil Stott  |  August 17, 2016

"The biggest mistake people make in social media is that they let their posts live forever." So says Mark Cuban, celebrity billionaire, investor and sports team owner, in the very first line of a video that presents something of a dystopian outlook on social media and, indeed, digital communication as a whole. The crux of Cuban's argument: that every move we make on social media is tracked, and that, when collated, can be used against you. As he puts it, we've arrived at a point where... Read More >

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