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Phil Stott is a Vault Editor. Since joining Vault in 2007, he has covered a variety of industries including consulting, consumer products and technology. He is also well-versed in general career issues, having worked in a variety of fields including freelance journalism, consumer banking, English language teaching, soccer coaching and more. Originally from Scotland, he holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Modern History and a Masters in Research in Civil Engineering. 

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Career Lessons from Laremy Tunsil

by Phil Stott  |  May 02, 2016

Imagine a scenario where you're so qualified for a job that the nation's leading employers in your field get together to compete for your services. Not only that, but their job offers come with salaries in the millions. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the NFL draft. As you'll probably be aware if you pay attention to that sort of thing, arguably the year's biggest draft-related story revolved around Laremy Tunsil, who was widely expected to be drafted 6th overall and rewarded with a... Read More >

Should You Get Your MBA in Europe?

by Phil Stott  |  April 19, 2016

There's an interesting post over on Quartz today about a growing trend of US students heading across the pond to get their MBAs in Europe. The reason? Well, there are 3 of them covered in the article: 1) Favorable exchange rates mean that your dollar buys more Euro or Pound-denominated education than it did a couple of years ago. 2) Many European programs are 1-year rather than 2, which reduces both lifestyle (residence, food, etc.) and opportunity costs. 3) It's an easy way to lock in... Read More >

25 Financial Consulting Interview Questions

by Phil Stott  |  April 13, 2016

Got an interview with a consulting firm that specializes in financial consulting? Or thinking about applying for a position with one? Either way, you'll probably want some idea of what you're likely to be asked in the interview. Good news: we've got you covered, with sample questions from people who have either recently been through the process with the top firms in the financial consulting field, or who conduct interviews for their firms. All of them are drawn from our 2015 consulting... Read More >

10 Tips for Answering Consulting Case Questions Successfully

by Phil Stott  |  April 11, 2016

If you're interested in a career in the consulting industry, the case interview is an unavoidable fact of life: at some point, you're going to have to prove that you have the ability to break down a business problem on the fly. And even if you've got your methodologies down pat, it's possible to mess up the basics in a pressure situation. Here are a handful of tips-excerpted from the 2015 edition of Vault's  Guide to the Case Interview-that will help to keep you focused. 1. Take Notes As... Read More >

How College Athletes Make the Transition to the Workforce

by Phil Stott  |  April 06, 2016

In the aftermath of the spectacular conclusion to this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament, it's easy to forget that, for the vast majority of college athletes, no career in the game or sport of their choice awaits. And that can be something of a hard reality to face up to: after 4 years of teamwork, training and extra-curricular activities (not to mention schoolwork), many college athletes find that they haven't had enough time to think about the next step: graduating into a... Read More >

What to Expect on Your Consulting Internship

by Phil Stott  |  April 01, 2016

It's that time of year: you've either landed a summer internship or are deep into the application process. And, if you're anything like me, your thoughts are already starting to turn towards the day-to-day realities of what you'll be doing for the summer-and maybe panicking a little about what to expect. How many hours will you be working? What's the dress code like? Am I even cut out for this job? How will I possibly stand out enough to get a full-time offer? The good news: most of the... Read More >

19 Economic Consulting Interview Questions

by Phil Stott  |  March 28, 2016

As I mentioned last week, I've been digging out some consulting interview questions by practice area, from the data in our annual consulting survey. (Last week's post featured 47 questions for would-be tech consultants.)  This week, I thought I'd bring you some of the questions that folks who work as economic consultants have faced (or ask), so if that's your field, read on.  Once again, this isn't an exhaustive listing of every question you're likely to face-for example, behavioral... Read More >

47 Questions the Top Tech Consulting Firms Ask

by Phil Stott  |  March 23, 2016

Being prepared for an interview in the consulting industry means more than just brushing up on your pat answers to a couple of behavioral questions, and arriving armed with multiple copies of your resume. Fortunately, we've got you covered: each year, as part of the annual Vault Consulting Survey, we ask consultants-many of whom are recruiters-to give us examples of the kinds of questions an interviewee at their firm is likely to face. This year, for the first time, we're breaking those... Read More >

What Makes Big 3 Consultants Different?

by Phil Stott  |  March 21, 2016

The question of why you would choose one firm over another as an employer is something that greatly interests us here at Vault-so much so, that we put the question into our annual consulting industry survey, so that we can find out what makes consultants tick. With the hard work of preparing and launching our 2016 survey out of the way (it opened for responses last week-if you're a practicing consultant and want to take it, feel free to get in touch, or contact an HR representative at your... Read More >

Want a Short Commute? Don't Live Here.

by Phil Stott  |  March 16, 2016

When it comes to commuting, there's a growing body of research that suggests that less is more. Not only are they an incredible time-suck, long commutes are bad for you in any number of ways: They're bad for your health. They're bad for your marriage. And they're worse for women than men.  As someone who makes the daily schlep from Long Island to Manhattan via public transport, I can also attest that a 60+ minute one-way commute is bad for your ability to stay in bed in the morning,... Read More >

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