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Nicole Weber

Nicole is Vault’s Law Editor, and covers news and career advice relating to the legal industry on Vault’s Law Blog. Nicole has a J.D. from Georgetown Law and a B.A. from Williams College. Prior to joining Vault, she worked as an employment law associate at a large New York law firm.

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The One Case BigLaw Firms Won’t Take

by Nicole Weber  |  April 15, 2015

The country's largest and most prestigious firms can be found on all sides of lawsuits dealing with controversial issues. More often than not, they are thought of as forever representing "the bad guys" when they are stuck in a jam (tobacco companies and pharma companies fending off products liability claims, corrupt CEOs and government officials, the big banks fighting accusations of causing the Great Recession, you name it). On the flip side, there are the volumes of social and political... Read More >

Law School Class of 2010 is Still Screwed

by Nicole Weber  |  April 08, 2015

It's hard for me to believe I graduated from law school almost five years ago. In a sense, the time has flown; aside from some musculoskeletal complaints and a few new wrinkles (I did work in BigLaw for a time, after all), I don't really feel much older. But 2010 was far enough in the distant past, apparently, that it warrants a case study of us graduates to test the strength of the legal job market. The study, authored by Ohio State University law professor Deborah Jones Merritt, and... Read More >

Which Law Firm Has the Most Alums at Apple?

by Nicole Weber  |  April 01, 2015

According to an analysis conducted by The Recorder, Morrison & Foerster appears to be somewhat of a feeder firm to one of the hottest in-house gigs in town-Apple Inc.'s legal department. There are nine MoFo alums working in the general counsel's office at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, CA, which is the highest number of alums from any law firm. Ties run deep between the two companies; MoFo has handled Apple's highest profile patent and other intellectual property matters for... Read More >

Announcing Vault's Top 150 Under 150

by Nicole Weber  |  March 24, 2015

Vault is excited to release a new list highlighting the best small and midsized firms with 150 or fewer attorneys-Vault's Top 150 Under 150! As a counterpart to the highly respected and widely utilized Vault Law 100, which primarily showcases the largest law firms in the country, we developed the Top 150 Under 150 as a resource for students and lateral candidates seeking an experience outside of BigLaw. Firms included on Vault's Top 150 Under 150 list provide associates with the... Read More >

5 Ways to Stop Your Cubicle From Killing You

by Nicole Weber  |  March 11, 2015

Follow Vault on Twitter @VaultCareers, @VaultFinance, @VAULTLAW, Instagram @VaultCareers and Facebook!  Read More: Face It, We're CubedCube Life is Killing Me13 Reasons You're Sleep-Deprived (NYMag)The Slouchproof Desk (NYMag)You're Losing Sleep Just by Working in a Windowless Cubicle (Bloomberg)Depression risk for workers starved of light (Daily Telegraph) ... Read More >

And the Winner for Most Expensive Law School Is…

by Nicole Weber  |  March 04, 2015

According to the National Law Journal, Columbia tops the charts as the priciest law school in the country. Last year, tuition at the school was $60,274. Coincidentally--or not--Columbia is also #1 when it comes to percent of grads who go on to BigLaw. In 2014, 66.24% of its graduates were hired by the nation's largest 250 law firms. Columbia was NLJ's #1 "Go-To" school (aka most beloved by law firm hiring partners and recruiters) in 2013 as well. Congratulations, Columbia Law class of 2014,... Read More >

Oscar-Worthy Career Tips from the Red Carpet

by Nicole Weber  |  February 24, 2015

The 87th annual Academy Awards were full of the usual glitz and glamor, but an evening of impassioned speeches and inspiring personalities offered words of wisdom even for us laypeople watching at home. The Oscars is a night in which Hollywood celebrates itself, so sometimes it's easy to forget that behind the bright lights and spectacle are thousands of hard-working professionals.  While most of us are not on track to become Hollywood insiders, Sunday's ceremony offered some takeaways... Read More >

Does Money Buy Happiness in BigLaw?

by Nicole Weber  |  February 18, 2015

Things are looking up for the future of associate compensation following the 2014 bonus announcements, which started with Simpson Thacher raising the bar from past years and continued with most big firms following suit. (Or in the case of Davis Polk, upping Simpson's ante and setting the bar even higher). This is good news in the sense that associates can really feel rewarded for putting in 2000+ billables per year. For the first time since the recession many attorneys can make major dents... Read More >

Love and Lust in Lawyerland

by Nicole Weber  |  February 11, 2015

The highly anticipated results of Vault's Office Romance Survey are in, and as Vault's Law Editor, I couldn't wait to see what our friends in the legal profession had to say about workplace relationships. Because lawyers are SO scandalous and unpredictable. OK, I'll hold the sarcasm-because contrary to conventional wisdom it actually turns out that lawyers aren't necessarily lamer than other professionals when it comes to this topic. (Note: we only asked respondents to select their... Read More >

Your Essential Guide to BigLaw Pro Bono Work

by Nicole Weber  |  February 04, 2015

Interested in starting your career at a large law firm, but want to size up its commitment to pro bono work? Want to read about the role of BigLaw in litigating landmark civil rights cases at the Supreme Court? Curious how many hours of pro bono you and your colleagues clock in annually? You can find all this information and more in the 2015 edition of Vault's Guide to Law Firm Pro Bono Programs. The guide is based on the information collected in our 2014 Pro Bono Survey, in which... Read More >

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