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Natalie Fisher is an enthusiastic HR Generalist who loves her job! She's been on over 50 interviews and received 48 job offers. Download her Free Guide: How to Nail an Interview You're Unqualified For.

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This Cover Letter Trick Will Make Recruiters Read to the End

by Natalie Fisher  |  August 15, 2018

When you get the chance to submit a cover letter for the perfect job opportunity, you want your letter to stand out. So here's a simple trick you can use to get the person reading your cover letter to become quickly interested in you and what you have to say.  The trick begins with the first sentence of your cover letter. Most cover letters that hiring managers receive start out something like this:  "I'm writing in response to the marketing associate position at xMatters that was... Read More >

10 Phrases for Instant Credibility in a Job Interview

by Natalie Fisher  |  July 24, 2018

Have you ever heard someone speak who immediately oozes credibility, presence, and authority, and you're not even sure why or how they do it? Well, chances are they use certain key phrases that make you see them differently-phrases that you, too, can use in a job interview. Below are some of these phrases that you can use to preface some of your interview answers and stories to help build credibility with hiring managers. As you read each of the following phrases, consider the following... Read More >

3 Soft Skills You Need to Stand Out in an Interview

by Natalie Fisher  |  May 25, 2018

One of the biggest mistakes interviewees make in interviews is believing they need to be polished, professional, and perfect all the time. Instead, what they need is to exhibit a few specific "soft skills." And so, below you'll find these soft skills, along with examples of how to convey them in an interview and why they're important to your interview success. 1. Compassion Humans psychologically gravitate towards people who show compassion for Read More >

How to Create Job Opportunities Rather Than Compete for Them

by Natalie Fisher  |  May 15, 2018

Some days you feel invisible in your job search. Why is no one responding to your resume? Why are you not finding the opportunities you want? You're doing everything right: you're actively applying, you've got a great resume (you know because you've had it reviewed by a professional), you went to school, and you worked hard to get a degree. So why does there seem to be a lack of opportunities out there that you can actually grab? Part of the problem is competition: for the good... Read More >

Salary Negotiation Scripts for Any Role

by Natalie Fisher  |  April 04, 2018

Money is an uncomfortable topic, which is why most people don't even try to negotiate their starting salary. But when you go into an interview, there is no getting around the fact that you'll likely have to talk money at some point.  You know there's a good chance that they'll ask you something like, "What are your salary expectations?" or "What did you make in your previous position?" Maybe you've frozen before when they've asked, or maybe you've blanked and had no idea what to say. It... Read More >

5 Things Interviewers Never Want to Hear

by Natalie Fisher  |  January 08, 2018

When you're going in for an interview, you might wonder if there is anything you could possibly say to absolutely kill your chances at the job offer.  From my years of experience (and sitting in on over 100+ interviews myself), I've compiled some of the things that set off red flags for hiring managers and instantly make them have concerns about a candidate. In this post, we'll talk about what these things are, why these things cause concerns, and what to say instead, so you can land that... Read More >

How to Handle the Money Conversation (Even if You Have No Experience)

by Natalie Fisher  |  November 29, 2017

Maybe you feel you're not being paid what you're worth right now, or you're afraid you won't be worth very much due to lack of experience. You're unsure how to figure out where in the salary range you should be, or if the range is fair. Money makes you uncomfortable, especially when they ask those awkward questions "What are your salary expectations?" or "What are you making now?" But you do know one thing for sure, you don't want to wait for someone else to decide your worth, so here's... Read More >

How to Tell If a Job Will Be a Good Fit

by Natalie Fisher  |  November 14, 2017

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water at a job?  You don't fit in, you don't feel the vibe, and you know that these aren't your people. Whatever you do, you don't feel welcome, and you can't do anything right. Your co-workers don't understand you. You don't enjoy most of the work itself, and you struggle to figure out how to do things (or who to ask for help). You feel like you're just biding your time until you can get out, and you spend a lot of time planning your escape.  Of... Read More >

How to Network Effectively Even If You Hate Talking to People

by Natalie Fisher  |  September 28, 2017

Maybe you don't see how networking can pay off.  Sure, you'll talk to a few interesting people here and there, but you're not sure how you get from having a chat with someone at a networking event to a job offer down the line.  Is one chat with someone enough to make them see you as the next perfect hire next time their company is hiring? Can it lead to anything more than niceties and a new LinkedIn connection?  Well, the truth is that it can (and does) lead to more--a lot more every... Read More >

How to Master Effective Storytelling in Interviews

by Natalie Fisher  |  August 02, 2017

You feel nervous about your career stories, and the fact that you have to tell stories in interviews drives you bananas. You're not sure whether your stories are even any good. You don't know if what you did was even that special. For example: "What's your GREATEST career accomplishment?" That's a BIG question! You think, "How am I supposed to answer that? How do I know for sure what my greatest career accomplishment is?" Then you spend a lot of time mulling over which story would... Read More >

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