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Natalie Fisher is an enthusiastic HR Generalist who loves her job! She's been on over 50 interviews and received 48 job offers. Download her Free Guide: How to Nail an Interview You're Unqualified For.

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How to Master Effective Storytelling in Interviews

by Natalie Fisher  |  August 02, 2017

You feel nervous about your career stories, and the fact that you have to tell stories in interviews drives you bananas. You're not sure whether your stories are even any good. You don't know if what you did was even that special. For example: "What's your GREATEST career accomplishment?" That's a BIG question! You think, "How am I supposed to answer that? How do I know for sure what my greatest career accomplishment is?" Then you spend a lot of time mulling over which story would... Read More >

How to Find a Job Out of College with No Experience

by Natalie Fisher  |  June 07, 2017

You're about to launch into the real world for the first time after college or university. You've got a good educational background under your belt, but the problem is you've got zero hands-on experience. Even though you know you're smart, and you've done well in the world of academia, you know you'll learn fast because you're enthusiastic and fully capable, you're still feeling under-qualified for anything better than entry-level positions because of (there's that word again) experience.... Read More >

3 Methods for Finding Hidden Jobs

by Natalie Fisher  |  May 09, 2017

You've got about 11 tabs open in your browser window right now, and they're for different job postings. You're flipping back and forth, trying to decide which ones you should apply for. Some you're not even sure you're that excited about, but you figure it couldn't hurt to try, right?  You've sent out at least 49 applications.  You haven't received any responses yet, but you know that your resume and cover letter are on point because you've had someone look them over for you.  You're... Read More >

3 Interview Tools for When You Need to Prepare Quickly

by Natalie Fisher  |  April 04, 2017

You've been applying for jobs, and have finally managed to schedule an interview with an awesome company, with a week or two to prepare. But then they call and ask if there is any chance you could come in first thing tomorrow morning instead. You really want to sound accommodating and helpful, and you're so enthused that you say yes before you even really think about it. Then you get off the phone and reality hits. Have you screwed this interview up before it has even begun? Now you have... Read More >

3 Psychologically-Based Interview Tactics No-One Talks About

by Natalie Fisher  |  February 17, 2017

When you get a call for a job interview, you feel both excited and nervous at the same time. Immediately, a bazillion questions start running through your head. "How can I prepare?" "What questions should I study?" "What if they ask me trick questions?" You may be the perfect fit on paper. It is likely that everyone who's invited in for an interview at this point could be a "perfect fit." The resumes they screened revealed who has the qualifications they're looking for, so they already... Read More >