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Matt is Vault’s Law Editor and writes about legal industry news and career advice on Vault’s Law Blog. Prior to joining Vault, Matt worked as a litigator at two Vault 100 law firms. Matt has a JD from Georgetown Law and a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida.

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How Obama Could Get Garland on SCOTUS Before Trump's Inauguration

by Matt Moody  |  November 09, 2016

The nomination of a justice to fill the late Antonin Scalia's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court was the shadow issue of this election. The seat that has sat empty since Scalia died in February of this year looks like it will actually be filled by President-Elect Trump, despite President Obama naming Merrick Garland as his nominee eight months ago and despite the Senate's constitutional duty to "advise and consent" on Obama's nominee. But is there a way Obama could still get Garland on the... Read More >

Hey Donald, 650K Docs Can Easily Be Reviewed in 8 Days

by Matt Moody  |  November 07, 2016

The "October Surprise" of this presidential election dropped on October 28th when FBI director James Comey announced that the FBI had found a trove of emails that may have information related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation. While investigating disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner for allegedly sexting with an underage girl, the FBI located 650,000 emails on Weiner's laptop that were either sent or received by Huma Abedin, Weiner's estranged wife and Clinton's top aide.... Read More >

3 Things Trump & Clinton Have Done that Would Get You Fired

by Matt Moody  |  October 31, 2016

I'm no HR expert, but as a career advice writer, it's hard to sit through all the shenanigans of the 2016 presidential election without thinking that the candidates competing for the most important job in the country haven't exactly acted like model employees. In fact, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have done a bunch of things that would get you, me, or any normal office shlub fired in the blink of an eye. Fortunately for them, it's been a long time since either of them was anything... Read More >

How to Be Happy at Work, According to Science

by Matt Moody  |  October 05, 2016

Work can be a drag, even if you’re in a career that you love—and especially if you aren’t. But if you’re going to spend at least half your waking hours each weekday at work, you should make sure you’re doing your best to be as happy as you can be. There have been a plethora of studies in recent years on little ways to make us more happy throughout our work days. These four small steps can make a really big difference in how you feel Monday to Friday. Start the Day in the Right Mood Read More >

Drew Shoals is a Literal Rock Star Lawyer

by Matt Moody  |  September 22, 2016

Like it is for many people, law was Drew Shoals' second career-before going to law school he worked as a professional drummer in Portland, Oregon. But after Penn Law and a few years at Shearman & Sterling, Drew took a professional opportunity not many BigLaw associates get: to become the drummer of one of the most successful pop bands in the world. In 2014 Drew left the glamorous world of BigLaw to become the drummer for the band Train. I sat down with Drew to discuss his dr Read More >

Law Student's Guide to Nabbing a Firm Job

by Matt Moody  |  September 14, 2016

Law school has just started and, as crazy as it may seem, 1Ls should already be planning for their summer jobs, and their eventual careers.  If you're thinking of working for a large or midsize firm after graduation, here's a guide to what you should be doing and when you should be doing it, to make that a reality. Now: Study hard. Your 1L grades are the most important grades of your entire three years of law school, by a large margin. Your first semester grades can help you land your... Read More >

Vault’s Midsize Law Firm Rankings Are Here

by Matt Moody  |  July 27, 2016

Vault has released its ranking of the 20 Best Midsize Law Firms to Work For and Nutter, McClennen & Fish tops the list again, after taking the top spot in our inaugural ranking last year. Nutter earned the ranking through high ratings in Vault's numerous Quality of Life categories, including ranking as the top firm in Overall Satisfaction and Firm Culture. Desmarais Read More >

2017 Best Law Firms to Work For

by Matt Moody  |  July 12, 2016

Vault's 2017 Quality of Life rankings are here, and there's a new Best Law Firm to Work For. O'Melveny & Myers tops the overall quality of life ranking, knocking previous champ Paul Hastings from the No. 1 position. O'Melveny earned that ranking in part by topping two Quality of Life categories-Satisfaction and Hours-while coming in second in three more areas key to as Read More >

Vault's Top Law Firms by Region

by Matt Moody  |  July 06, 2016

We asked, 18,000+ attorneys answered. Here are the most prestigious firms in each U.S. Region. 

Read More >

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