Kristine Schoonmaker

Kristine Schoonmaker

Kristine Schoonmaker, founder of Bold Dish, Inc., is dedicated to helping women create meaningful lives and invaluable friendships.  Her eZine Bold Dish On the Go and signature “dinner parties in a box” marry life coaching and party planning to give you everything you need to have more fun, meaningful get-togethers with your girlfriends. If you’re ready to boldly create the life you’re craving, learn more and get your FREE eZine subscription at


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4 Tips for When You Get Volun-"told"

by Kristine Schoonmaker  |  March 05, 2013

Do you feel like you're always getting volun-told for things? I'm talking about those sneaky things that appear "voluntary" but are laced with all kinds of underlying expectations. It could be a fundraiser at work you're "strongly encouraged" to participate in, something friends expect like going to every birthday party or shower, or even something society expects like how you're supposed to live your life.  Usually, they come out of nowhere. You have no idea how it happened or how to... Read More >