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Kaitlin Edleman

Kaitlin is Vault's Associate Law Editor. She  covers news and career advice relating to the legal industry on Vault's Law Blog. Kaitlin earned her J.D. from George Mason University School of Law and her B.A. from University of Maryland. Prior to joing Vault, she clerked for the Honorable Randall Smith and the Honorable Marjorie Arrington of the First Judicial Circuit of Virginia. 

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Congrats to the 2014 Top Ten Family Friendly Firms

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  April 25, 2014

Vault is pleased to recognize the 2014 Top 10 Family Friendly Firms as determined by Yale Law Women. Yale Law Women's Top Ten Family Friendly Firms Initiative surveys the policies of law firms ranking in Vault's Top 100. The survey evaluates factors such as the billiable hour requirement, part-time and flex-time options, parental leave policies and child care availability. The survey looks at law firm policies and their utilization by both male and female attorneys. Below please find the... Read More >

Does this Study Prove that Law Firm Partners are Racist?

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  April 22, 2014

So it turns out that partners at law firms are racist, and they don't even know it. The legal industry, particularly, BigLaw, has long struggled with diversity. While improvements have been made in the hiring of diverse associates, many law firms still fail to retain and promote minority and female associates. Associates who participated in Vault's 2013 Law Firm Associate Survey, a survey of nearly 17,000 associates from over 150 large and mid-sized law firms from across the United States,... Read More >

Maintaining Your Sanity During Law School Exams

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  April 15, 2014

As we meet mid-April, law students either find themselves in exam week lockdown or feverishly outlining while pretending to do their reading for their last few classes before exam week and solitary confinement officially begin. In my experience, there were three types of law students: (1) Over-prepared; (2) Do not GAF and (3) Just need one more day to study. No matter where you fall, below find my tips for avoiding a breakdown and feeling relatively like a normal human being during your exam... Read More >

Attorney and Author Eve Wright Discusses the Path to Personal Fulfillment

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  April 11, 2014

Many attorneys and other professionals may seek out careers they believe will be economically and personally gratifying only to later find themselves stuck in a rut, or worse, completely unhappy with their jobs. Finding job satisfaction and personal fulfillment is possible, but often, busy professionals need a push in the right direction. As such, I was pleased to have to opportunity to discuss attorney Eve Wright's new book Life at the Speed of Passion: Create a Life of Intention, Purpose,... Read More >

Which M.B.A. Programs Do Employers Really Want to See on Your Resume?

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  April 07, 2014

Much ado is often made over which business schools are the "best" or the "most prestigious," but status and self-importance won't pay those student loans. The U.S. News & World Report's data showed that having Harvard, Stanford or Penn emblazoned across the top of an M.B.A. did not necessarily lead to employment for 2013 graduates. In fact, no schools in U.S. News' top 10 best business schools made their top 10 list of 2013 business school graduates with the highest job placement rates... Read More >

The Ultimate Educational Showdown – Who Should Pay for College?

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  April 01, 2014

The apple of her parents' eye, a New Jersey teen recently sued her parents for private high school and college tuition. Although the judge ruled against the teen, the lawsuit raises an interesting question. Who should pay for college? Well, it depends on who you ask. My guess would be that most students would prefer that parents foot the bill, and in more affluent families, it may be a given that parents are dropping the cash for their children's college tuition. However, as the price of... Read More >

Is Your Law School Ranked Highest for Soul Crushing Debt?

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  March 27, 2014

It's no secret that here at Vault, we love a good law ranking, and we hope that our rankings help job hunters find the best firm for them by emphasizing positive traits. Taking a different approach, U.S. News & World Report recently released a list of schools that prospective law students may want to avoid, a list of law school graduates with the most paralyzing debt. Below are the top ten law schools with the highest average indebted 2013 law graduates who incurred law school... Read More >

How Can Female Attorneys Avoid Being an Underpaid Non-Partner Track Associate?

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  March 18, 2014

Earlier this month,  the National Association of Women Lawyers released its "Report of the Eight Annual NAWL National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms," a survey of 200 of the largest law firms in the United States for 2013, that mirrored the findings in Vault's 2013 Law Firm Associate Survey. While some of the results were depressing, possible gender pay gap, barriers to promotion, the NAWL Report also highlighted some indicators that female attorneys should take note... Read More >

This Week's Law Firms in the News - March 9, 2014

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  March 11, 2014

Who are Vault's five favorite firms this week?

Read More >

What’s Really Happening with Ladies in the Law? Observations from NAWL and Vault Surveys

by Kaitlin Edleman  |  March 04, 2014

Well, lady lawyers, the results are in. You will likely be disappointed, but probably not overly surprised, to learn that you're still getting paid less than your male counterparts and working in the lowest-status attorney positions in the firm. The National Association of Women Lawyers recently released its "Report of the Eight Annual NAWL National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms," surveying 200 of the largest law firms in the United States for 2013.  While the... Read More >

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