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Isabel Sperry is a Marketing Associate at Vault. A graduate of Yale University, she earned her BA in American Studies with a focus on American literature and art history. Isabel is a contributing Vault blogger on topics such as undergraduate career development and working as a young professional.

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The 2018 Golden Globes: A Standout Night for Women’s Rights in the Workplace

by Isabel Sperry  |  January 08, 2018

A sea of black dresses dominated the red carpet on Sunday at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. This year, celebrities wore all black in support of Time's Up, an initiative created by women in the entertainment industry to combat sexual harassment. If you watched even just 30 seconds of the Globes this year, you know that this was no ordinary awards ceremony-it centered on the much deeper issues of the #MeToo movement, equal pay, and women's rights in the workplace. On the red carpet and in... Read More >

4 Ways to Recharge over the Holidays

by Isabel Sperry  |  December 19, 2017

While the holidays are undoubtedly fun, they can be stressful. You're probably just finishing up an exhausting final few weeks at work, while juggling your holiday shopping and making holiday preparations. While you have some time off over the holidays-whether it be just a long weekend or a few weeks-it's important that you set aside time for yourself to reset. Here are four ways you can recharge over the holidays, so you can return reenergized to the office in the New Year. 1. Do a yoga... Read More >

8 Tips for What You Should Wear to Work

by Isabel Sperry  |  December 13, 2017

Do you struggle to put together an outfit for work every morning? Are you unsure what exactly constitutes "business casual" attire? Then be sure to follow us on Instagram to get fashionable yet business-appropriate outfit inspiration through our #WearToWork series. From tips on how to immediately spruce up an outfit, to what to wear for casual Fridays, to which accessories to don for work, we have you covered. We also cover strategies that can save you time and money buying new clothes,... Read More >

5 Benefits of Attending the Office Holiday Party

by Isabel Sperry  |  December 12, 2017

Last week, my colleague Phil Stott wrote an article titled "4 Reasons Why You Should Skip the Office Party," in which he raised some very valid risks that holiday parties present. And while I agree that work parties can present some potential problems-such as embarrassing yourself in front of your colleagues due to overconsumption of alcohol-they can also offer many benefits. Here are five reasons why you should attend your office party this year. 1. Rais Read More >

How to Get Ahead in Your Career

by Isabel Sperry  |  November 29, 2017

Do you feel stagnated in your current job, unsure of how to continue growing or developing your skill set? In the following Forbes video, Hearst's Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles reveals specific strategies she took to get ahead in her own career.     While Coles begins with the all-important-albeit obvious-"work harder" and "negotiate for what you deserve," she offers two more unconventional career tips toward the end of her video Read More >

Why the near Win Is so Important for Long-Term Success

by Isabel Sperry  |  November 15, 2017

When you don't complete a project perfectly, it can feel as though you've failed. However, near wins are crucial in motivating us to achieve a goal as best we can. In this respect, near wins are almost more important than actual wins, as they set in motion a constant pursuit of improvement. In her TED Talk "Embrace the Near Win," art historian Sarah Lewis delves into the concept of the near win and how it is instrumental to achieving success. She begins her talk discussing her first job at... Read More >

4 Ideas to Make Your Commute Go by Faster

by Isabel Sperry  |  November 08, 2017

Do you find yourself watching the minutes pass by on your commute, getting increasingly impatient waiting for your stop? Are you sick of listening to the same music playlists or getting through exactly seven pages of your latest book? Here are some ideas to switch up your commute, which will make the minutes fly by-and keep your mind sharp, to boot! 1. Do a crossword puzzle One of the best activities to get your mind off your commute is a crossword puzzle. Whether you choose to do one the... Read More >

5 Details You Must Include in Your Interview Thank-You Note

by Isabel Sperry  |  November 01, 2017

You already know it's crucial to send a thank-you note ASAP after interviewing with an employer. But what should you say in it? Here are five details you need to include in your thank-you note, which will ensure you make a positive impression on your interviewer and distinguish you from other applicants. 1. Appropriate greeting When starting off your thank-you email, you can address your interviewer with a simple, "Hi [Interviewer First Name]." Reference the business card you collected... Read More >

How Making a Mistake in the Interview Could Land You the Job

by Isabel Sperry  |  October 17, 2017

We all fear making a mistake in an interview that could cost us the job. But what if that misstep actually made you more attractive as a job candidate and increased your chances of landing the job? In fact, spilling coffee on yourself or falling down in public can actually make you more appealing as an applicant, under certain circumstances. Don't believe us? Here's why. A phenomenon exists in social psychology called the Pratfall Effect, which is somewhat counterintuitive. It essentially... Read More >

The One Phrase You Need to Say to Ace the Interview

by Isabel Sperry  |  October 11, 2017

If you think that at the end of a job interview you just need to smile, shake your interviewer's hand, and say "thank you" before you leave, you're wrong. In the following video, bestselling business author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch reveals the one phrase you should always say at the end of a final interview to boost your chances of landing the job.     You've probably been told that confidence is key to a successful interview, Read More >

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