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Derek Loosvelt is Vault's senior finance editor. Derek has a BS in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in creative writing from the New School. His writing has appeared in several online and print publications. Previously, he worked in investment banking as an M&A analyst and associate.

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How Listening to Music at Work Affects Your Productivity

by Derek Loosvelt  |  November 02, 2016

Whenever I have a hard time focusing on a repetitive work task such as inputting data into an Excel sheet, I find that when I listen to music, particularly upbeat music I know well, I'm able to focus more intently on my work and complete it without too much complaint. It would follow, then, that the music is making me more productive. But is it really? As it turns out, the answer is yes and no. That is, science shows that music helps to improve your mood and, in turn, that helps you to be... Read More >

How to Find a Mentor Without a Mentorship Program

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 31, 2016

Deborah Lee James, unlike one presidential candidate, doesn't think the U.S. military is a disaster. And she should know. James is the current Secretary of the U.S. Air Force and one of only two women to ever hold the job. Today, thanks to her lofty position, she's considered to be one of the most powerful women in the U.S., if not the world. Underscoring this power, James recently spoke at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit and was featured on the "Fortune Unfilt Read More >

Why Are Salaries for English Majors Rising?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 26, 2016

Last month I wrote about how, in the long run, liberal arts majors might earn just as much or more than their peers who graduate with science, business, and other so-called "useful" majors. And now, as it turns out, or at least as a new study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows, liberal arts majors, particularly those Read More >

Why Election Day Should Be a Paid Day Off

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 24, 2016

Four score and a bunch of years ago, the U.S. was an agrarian society (full of farmers) and so it made sense that Election Day would fall on a Tuesday in early November. The thinking back in the 1800s was November fell after the harvest and before the harsh cold of winter, and Tuesday gave farmers enough fair-weather travel time to get to their nearest voting booths via horse-drawn carriage; they couldn't/wouldn't travel on the Sabbath and some needed nearly two days to carriage to the... Read More >

Can Finding a Job You Love Improve Your Health?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 21, 2016

The answer is yes, say experts. In a recent New York Times "Well" article, several "experts in nutrition, obesity, cardiology and other health disciplines" were asked the question, "If you had just one piece of health advice for people in their 20s, what would it be?" Most of the answers weren't all that surprising, as nearly all involved good exercise and eating habits such as: learn how to cook (which "will save you money and help you to eat health Read More >

Do Expensive and Exclusive 'Interests' Help or Hurt Your Resume?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 19, 2016

I don't sail the Cape, or play polo in the Hamptons, but maybe I should start. And maybe you should, too. But only if you're a man. I offer this odd advice because, according to a new study led by a Northwestern University sociologist, resumes with an air of wealth and privilege are given top-notch treatment by hiring managers at elite firms; the catch is that this treatment only holds true for male applicants' resumes. Here's a little more on t Read More >

50 Most Prestigious Internships

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 10, 2016

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When Motherhood Helps, Not Hurts, Your Career

by Derek Loosvelt  |  October 03, 2016

When you think of careers with poor work-life balance and thus ones that aren't very accommodating to working mothers, you might think of investment banking, or law, or even technology (despite the valiant attempts by many tech firms to improve their policies for working parents). But what you probably won't think of, and what's arguably a career with even poorer work-life balance, and even less accommodating to working mothers, is comedy. Which is no joke. I Read More >

Does Collaboration Kill Creativity?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  September 21, 2016

It's common knowledge that two heads are better than one, teams are more productive than individuals, and brainstorming sessions are more successful when there are more brains doing the storming. Or are they? According to research by MIT's Mark Klein and colleagues, collaboration may be a creativity killer. They've found that a collaborative design process-where a bunch of specialists put their heads together to try to come up with innovation solutions-generally "reduced creativity due to... Read More >

This Podcast Will Unlock Your Creativity

by Derek Loosvelt  |  September 14, 2016

If you're a slow and methodical worker when it comes to creating things, then you'll likely find great inspiration in "Hallelujah," episode seven of Malcolm Gladwell's new podcast, Revisionist History. In "Hallelujah," Gladwell, the best-selling author of Outliers, Blink, and David and Goliath, lets his investigatory powers loose upon how creativity works, and what he finds is that a great number of creators (especially of music, literature, and visual art) fall into one Read More >