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Derek Loosvelt is Vault's senior finance editor. Derek has a BS in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in creative writing from the New School. His writing has appeared in several online and print publications. Previously, he worked in investment banking as an M&A analyst and associate.

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Does Collaboration Kill Creativity?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  September 21, 2016

It's common knowledge that two heads are better than one, teams are more productive than individuals, and brainstorming sessions are more successful when there are more brains doing the storming. Or are they? According to research by MIT's Mark Klein and colleagues, collaboration may be a creativity killer. They've found that a collaborative design process-where a bunch of specialists put their heads together to try to come up with innovation solutions-generally "reduced creativity due to... Read More >

This Podcast Will Unlock Your Creativity

by Derek Loosvelt  |  September 14, 2016

If you're a slow and methodical worker when it comes to creating things, then you'll likely find great inspiration in "Hallelujah," episode seven of Malcolm Gladwell's new podcast, Revisionist History. In "Hallelujah," Gladwell, the best-selling author of Outliers, Blink, and David and Goliath, lets his investigatory powers loose upon how creativity works, and what he finds is that a great number of creators (especially of music, literature, and visual art) fall into one Read More >

Do Liberal Arts Majors Earn More in the Long Run?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  September 12, 2016

It is commonly believed, by parents everywhere, that the quickest road to the poor house (that's what my parents called it) is for their college-age children to major in Russian history, comparative literature, Kantian philosophy, or some other so-called useless field of concentration that has no practical use whatsoever. However, as it turns out, and as studies show, majors in these and other liberal arts concentrations might ultimately lead children not to their parents' basement but to a... Read More >

50 Best Investment Banks to Work For

by Derek Loosvelt  |  September 06, 2016

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The Secret to Olympic (and Career) Success

by Derek Loosvelt  |  August 24, 2016

If you watched the Rio Olympics as closely as I did, you were treated to several inspiring performances. Simone Biles' dominance of the floor, vault, and uneven bars. Usain Bolt's unprecedented triple double. Allyson Felix's record-breaking fifth and sixth gold medals. Katie Ledecky's unbelievable 11-second victory in the 800 meter freestyle. And, of course, five-time Olympian Michael Phelps' five gold medals and a silver, which brought the American swimmer's total gold medal count to an... Read More >

Should We Fear or Cheer the Video Interview?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  August 17, 2016

Earlier this summer, Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs announced it was scrapping in-person on-campus recruiting for a software-based video interview recruiting program. The fact that Goldman, the most prestigious investment banking firm on the planet, would be using video interview software in place of human beings to conduc Read More >

Is There a Best Way and Time to Fire Someone?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  August 15, 2016

One of the most stressful times in a career is losing a job. It can also be quite stressful if you're on the other side of the layoff. That is, if you're the deliverer of the bad news, the one having to tell someone they're about to lose a job. The reason is there's no easy or best way to tell someone that their services are no longer needed, and there's no best time to tell someone either. Or is there? According to Christa Quarles, the CEO of Open Table, an online restaurant-reservation... Read More >

Why Millennials Are Flocking to Denver (Hint: Not for the Legal Weed)

by Derek Loosvelt  |  July 22, 2016

There's a saying in Colorado that people come for the winters but stay for the summers. And now, in Denver, the state's capital, there's a similar saying: people come for the cannabis but stay for the jobs. That is, Denver's become the new great magnet for the millennial generation. And it's not the legal marijuana that millennials are flocking to the city for (though, certainly, that doesn't have zero effect on their mile-high migration) Read More >

Can a Wall Street Career Be Fulfilling?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  July 19, 2016

There's no doubt that a career in investment banking, sales and trading, hedge funds, private equity, or venture capital can be, and almost always is, very lucrative. There are few other careers outside of Wall Street that pay, even to the most average employee, as much money over the length of a career. This is widely known, and few will dispute it. However, what is not as certain, and what is certainly up for dispute, is how fulfilling a career on Wall Street can be. And the latest... Read More >

How Sexist Is Wall Street?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  July 11, 2016

It's been many moons since I worked in investment banking as an M&A analyst and associate. And so, in this day and age, I'm sure that things like this don't happen anymore: holiday parties that end at strip clubs, male bankers asking each other if they'd "[insert your favorite expletive]" this or that female banker, male bankers taking long lunch breaks to "see their chiropractors" (a/k/a get massages that end happily). Or do they? In a recent New York Times Read More >