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Cathy is an associate producer for A writer, editor, and former serial intern, she earned her BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Work Resolutions

by Cathy Vandewater  |  January 06, 2012

It's resolution season! If you're like most Vault readers, you have a few workplace changes you'd like to make. A more organized desk, earlier start time, taking on more challenging work… or maybe you're thinking in the opposite direction, like less quality time with your iPhone, or better productivity so you can make it home earlier. Whatever your goals, you've likely found that it's easier to get on the wagon than to stay on. That's especially true of long-term goals, like frustrating... Read More >

"Creative": The Most Overused Linked In Buzzword, 2011

by Cathy Vandewater  |  December 30, 2011

The results are in: the top most overused word in your LinkedIn profile this year was "creative." Perhaps LinkedIn-ers were reacting to last year's list (which including snooze-worthy clunkers like "results oriented," "extensive experience," "team player"), by choosing more modern, Gen Y-sounding adjectives like those on this year's list, which includes soft skill references like "Organizational" (#2) and " Communication skills" (#9). Or maybe, as social psychologist Matt Wallaert... Read More >

8 Potential Vacation Ruiners/Productivity Busters

by Cathy Vandewater  |  December 20, 2011

Started the countdown until vacation yet? It's down to days for many until some much-needed time off. But staying productive now can pay off in a big way when you return. It's not fun to think of vacations coming to an end, but you'll be glad you thought ahead when you come back to an organized desk, completed task list, and zero urgency. Here's a list of Vault's classic productivity busters (read the full article here)-stay strong and, for the sake of your vacation time, don't do... Read More >

How to Stand Out at Work During the Holidays

by Cathy Vandewater  |  December 16, 2011

'Tis the season for office parties, secret Santa exchanges, and getting to know your coworkers a little better (sometimes more than you ever wanted to, thanks to company-funded open bars). But you don't need that light-up reindeer sweater to stand out in all the revelry. There are better-and more appropriate--ways to make your mark at work during this holiday season. 1. Accept all invitations Invited to something by a coworker? Go. But it's just a party for your boss's roommate's cousin?... Read More >

Ending Your Fall Internship on a High Note: 5 Reminders

by Cathy Vandewater  |  December 13, 2011

With a semester ending, fall internships are also coming to a close. Here's how to leave a lasting impression during a hectic time. 1. Send your thank you notes Be sure to express your gratitude to your internship coordinator with a brief note, and, with the holidays around, possibly a small gift. As always, be specific with your thanks-did you learn a new skill you're excited to use or land a new job based on your experiences? Mention it! Also worth slipping in: your hopes that you may... Read More >

Putting Happiness First In Your Job Search

by Cathy Vandewater  |  October 07, 2011

Recruiters may know more about what makes employees happy than you do. Vault attended an "Identifying & Retaining Talent" event for startups to see how smaller companies attract talent, and what we learned  was that there's a lot more to getting and keeping employees than bonus packages and high salaries. If you're on the hunt for a job you can be happy at for the long term, pay attention to these key factors. You might find yourself catching--and keeping--a truly satisfying job. 1.... Read More >

Why Netflix's CEO Proves It's Better to Beg Forgiveness

by Cathy Vandewater  |  September 22, 2011

The message in my inbox reads, "Dear Cathy, I messed up. I owe you an explanation." It's not from a cheating boyfriend-it's from Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. And I have to say I agree with him. Netflix's big split may well be a mistake. But then, I realize, that's not what he's apologizing for. Imagine yourself in a similar position, at your company: you have to ask your customer-or coworkers, or boss-to accept a new initi Read More >

Planning a Dramatic Exit? 5 Reasons to Go Quietly

by Cathy Vandewater  |  August 02, 2011

Okay, that Whole Foods letter was pretty epic, as was Steven Slater's slide-out. And you've gotta love sweet, best-selling book deal revenge (we're looking at you, Lauren Weisberger). But short term glory via job-related rants does not always equal long term success. Rather, it almost guarantees consequences for years to come. Steven Slater can't find another job. Lauren Weisberger has to hide from Anna Wintour at fashion shows. Whole Foods guy ruined his chances of work Read More >

Are Verbal Tics Killing Your Credibility?

by Cathy Vandewater  |  July 28, 2011

Presenting yourself well is easier said than done for most. First, most of us have at least a mild-to-moderate fear of public speaking; some of us literally fear it more than death. So it's very tough to be self aware while battling sweaty palms and an adrenaline rush to rival your first attempt at snowboarding. Second, as speech is something we  do all the time, we easily entrench ourselves in bad habits. It's no wonder, then, that public speaking feels Read More >

Are Office "Queen Bees" a Symptom of Gender Bias?

by Cathy Vandewater  |  June 24, 2011

A new study at Leiden University in the Netherlands suggests that "difficult, male-dominated" environments may be the source of "Queen Bee" female bosses who distance themselves from other women. An online questionnaire taken by 63 senior women in law enforcement asked the participants to rate how important their gender was at work, and how well they identified with other women in their field, and then write about either a negative encounter with gender biases at work, or a time when they... Read More >

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