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Cathy is an associate producer for A writer, editor, and former serial intern, she earned her BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.

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Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: A Lesson from Krispy Kreme

by Cathy Vandewater  |  November 27, 2012

If you haven't seen this video yet, your day is about to be made. Jia Jiang, who writes a blog called "100 Days of Rejection Therapy," had a simple mission: make an outlandish request at Krispy Kreme, and get better at hearing the word "no." Only trouble was, the woman behind the counter didn't say no. Jackie, the shift leader at her Austin, Texas branch was at first perplexed by a request for five doughnuts connected and glazed to look like Oly Read More >

Home for the Holidays? 4 Ways NOT Working Can Boost Your Career

by Cathy Vandewater  |  November 20, 2012

Dreading the idleness of the holidays? Fear not. A little time away from your desk and even-gasp-your wireless access can be good for career and even your job search. Here's how to enjoy the time off to its fullest--while making professional advances that will pay off by Christmas. A few "gifts" of the holiday season to be thankful for: 1. Long Plane, Train, or Automobile Rides Got a long trip and a lap top? You're golden! Don't bother "working from home" if you can. Instead, take... Read More >

4 Reasons You Should (Still!) Take an Internship

by Cathy Vandewater  |  November 06, 2012

Internships have been in the spotlight a lot lately, but for all the wrong reasons: unhappy interns. It's not a new story-interns have long gone unpaid, unthanked, and sent on one too many coffee runs. But a recent slew of class action suits raises the question: where does opportunity end and exploitation begin? Though it's up to the courts to decide what's fair labor in the realm of interning, you should know that not all unpaid gigs are equal. It's hard to judge from the outset, but... Read More >

The "Detial Oriented" Need Not Apply

by Cathy Vandewater  |  October 19, 2012

All applicants say they're detail-oriented; I just make my employees prove it," says Kyle Wiens. As the CEO of a software company who hires "code monkeys" (programmers), it makes sense that he'd need conscientious workers. But Wiens has an unusual way of making sure new hires are competent: he gives them a grammar test. Seem unrelated to coding work? Wiens doesn't think so. He explains this practice in Harvard Business Review: "I hire people who care about those details. Applicants who... Read More >

4 Reasons Why "Graduate Academies" Might Trump MBAs

by Cathy Vandewater  |  August 15, 2012

You've seen it in the headlines: companies are hiring, but not you. They need highly skilled engineers and technicians, not law students, consultants, or liberal arts majors. If you think this is frustrating for you, take solace in the fact that it's equally exasperating for the companies. Some can only afford to offer prospective (skilled) workers "lower pay than what they made 15 years ago," according the president of a manufacturing company. He was quoted in the Washington Post along... Read More >

Find Their Pain! How to "Neuromarket" for a Job

by Cathy Vandewater  |  August 07, 2012

Christophe Morin, a researcher for the "world's first neuromarketing" agency has a job title that could also serve as a professional wrestling pseudonym: Chief Pain Officer. Except that his work at SalesBrain isn't about causing pain, it's about finding it-to sell the cure. In an interview with the New York Times, Morin references "the reptilian brain"--the place where baser emotions rule-and his techniques for appealing to those primal instincts during a sales pitch. Those instincts... Read More >

Tips for a Great LinkedIn Picture

by Cathy Vandewater  |  July 27, 2012

Think it's safer to skip the photo on LinkedIn? According to Business Insider, you may be doing  more harm than good by going photo-free. While it's true that you'll avoid looks-based discrimination (no one will know how young, old, or attractive you are), you're allowing network's imaginations to run wild-and not in a good way. According to a source in the article, "not having a photo on your LinkedIn profile will make others assume that you're either "really ugly" or "don't know how to... Read More >

Can Marissa Mayer "Have It All"?

by Cathy Vandewater  |  July 20, 2012

Here's where the conversation left off on working women: with Anne-Marie Slaughter, and her now infamous "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" piece in The Atlantic: "All my life, I'd been on the other side of this exchange. I'd been the woman smiling the faintly superior smile while another woman told me she had decided to take some time out or pursue a less competitive career track so that she could spend more time with her family. "I'd been the woman congratulating herself on her... Read More >

Bullet Points in Your Cover Letter—Do or Don't?

by Cathy Vandewater  |  July 16, 2012

There's a cover letter circulating the internet right now that's quite unique. First, its subject line: I want to work for you! Second, its bullet points. Or rather, numericals. The email opens simply with "To Claire, I want to work for you and here is why:" She then goes on to make a list of 5 credentials/statements of experience and education. Then she lists another 5 points, a list of commonalities with "Claire" (who is Claire Diaz-Ortiz, leader of social innovat Read More >

Fear Factor: Networking Tools that Really Aren't Scary

by Cathy Vandewater  |  July 13, 2012

Just graduated? You're probably overwhelmed by career advice. But according to Calling All Grads! Turn a Degree into a Job, by Marco Buscaglia, knowledge is power-and he's not just talking about your course work. Certain parts of searching for a job, like reaching out to strangers, or milling about with hundreds of other people at career fairs, can be intimidating. But if you know how to prepare for them, certain job-seeking tasks may be less daunting than you thought-and more effective,... Read More >