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6 Key Traits You Need to Be a Great Team Player

by CareerExperts  |  May 17, 2017

As the saying goes, "Teamwork makes the dream work." It's a bit of a cheesy phrase, but there's no denying that there's plenty of truth to it. Working in a team enables us to complete tasks faster, be more effective, and achieve our goals. This is especially true in a business environment, as the success of any organization depends on the people behind it. If you have team players on board with the right skill sets, then your business is well on its way to success. What makes a strong... Read More >

6 Ways You Can Promote Yourself at Work Without Sounding Big-Headed

by CareerExperts  |  April 05, 2017

We don't tend to like people who brag. Boasting about how great you are and what you have achieved won't go down well with your colleagues (even if they pretend otherwise). However, if you're keen to progress in your career, it's important that you do effectively promote yourself at work. How will you secure your next promotion if your boss doesn't know how well you are doing? How are you going to win the respect of your colleagues if they don't know how great you are at your job? If... Read More >

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