Angela Kopolovich

Angela Kopolovich

Angela Kopolovich is the Managing Director of Alegna International, a boutique attorney recruiting firm. A former practicing litigator with a large global law firm, Angela now specializes in placing attorneys with law firms and corporate legal departments, around the country and abroad.  You can follow Angela via Twitter @Recruiter_Law. 

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Why Won't a Legal Recruiter Work with Me?

by Angela Kopolovich  |  November 29, 2012

Earlier this week I received an email from a prospective candidate asking for my advice. His concerns are so ubiquitous, it prompted this blog post response. This candidate, a recent graduate of a respected law school, with good grades, law review, moot court, and a clerkship on his resume, is unemployed. In addition to the multitude of applications he submitted directly, he has also sent his resume to several recruiters, but never heard back. He told me that these recruiters advertised job... Read More >

An Open Letter to the Law Firm Class of 2012

by Angela Kopolovich  |  October 23, 2012

Dearest Incoming Junior Associates, As thousands of you, newly-minted lawyers, step into your shiny offices for the first time this fall, the sighs of relief will echo through the book-lined halls of law firms all over the country. "I've made it! All those years of school, law review, moot court, clinics, and clerkships were all about getting here; and I have arrived. Whew!" And as the ink begins to dry on those new business cards, you feel as though you can finally take a deep breath and... Read More >

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