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Formerly Vault's Corporate Social Responsibility editor, Aman Singh Das is the Editorial Director of She is an experienced CSR practitioner, journalist, social media strategist and founder of Singh Solutions, which offers research and advisory services on corporate social responsibility strategy, sustainable business practices, contextual CSR reporting, employee engagement and communications. She has written for numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal,, Triple Pundit, CNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, among others and is a frequent speaker on CSR and sustainable business practices, the role of media in social change, job hunting in CSR and connecting the many tenets of responsible business with strategy.

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That's a wrap! EDF Climate Corps fellow at Humana reflects on results

by Aman Singh Das  |  December 01, 2011

John-Paul Fontelo is a 2011 EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Humana and an MBA Candidate at University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business Upon returning to Notre Dame this fall to kick off my second year of business school, I found myself reflecting on the real value of my summer fellowship as an EDF Climate Corps fellow at Humana. So to round out the series of blogs I wrote this summer about my experience, below are the key results and takeaways of my EDF Climate Corps... Read More >

A Day in the Life: Carleen Haas, Chief Talent Officer, Humana Inc.

by Aman Singh Das  |  November 10, 2011

Editor's Note: This is Part five in a series of blogs by Humana associates on how CSR is integrated into their daily work. These posts give us valuable insights into how one company is implementing responsibility as a key business strategy and a core function of every associate's job. For jobseekers and career changers, these posts will provide not only insights into alternative career paths, but also tips on how you can pursue a career that aligns with your values as well as those of your... Read More >

Day in the Life: Tom Noland, Sr. VP of Corporate Communications, Humana Inc.

by Aman Singh Das  |  October 28, 2011

In my role as a senior leader at Humana, I have the privilege of communicating on all of the activities in which the company is engaged; we're doing so much these days to be excited about. To advance corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Humana, we are engaging stakeholders and companies alike on our efforts and integrating CSR throughout our business. Our leadership and our associates demonstrate a commitment to our CSR platform--Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Performance--and... Read More >

Shifting the eBay Mindset for a More Naturally Integrated Energy Management System

by Aman Singh Das  |  September 27, 2011

By Gabrielle Maguire, 2011 EDF Climate Corps Fellow at eBay, MIB Candidate at The Fletcher School at Tufts University My EDF Climate Corps at eBay is coming to a close, and amid the flurry of project deadlines and presentations, I'm taking a moment to reflect on the past 2.5 months. I've been tasked with analyzing the best way to make our on-campus data rooms more efficient, and I outlined many of the barriers in my last post (How do you shrink while you grow?). Read More >

Reading Between the Lines: Developing Employee Engagement In

by Aman Singh Das  |  September 15, 2011

by Pia Kristiansen Earlier this summer, I shared my initial thoughts on working through the complexities of designing and implementing an employee engagement strategy during my EDF Climate Corps fellowship at McDonald's Corporation. Anyone interested in the topic of employee engagement, specifically around sustainability initiatives like energy efficiency, is probably familiar with the plethora of resources listing five or ten "top" attributes of a successful program. These resources... Read More >

Whiskey, Data Centers and Power Strips--Oh My! Humana's EDF Climate Corps

by Aman Singh Das  |  August 04, 2011

By John-Paul Fontelo, 2011 EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Humana, MBA Candidate at University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business My task this summer is to help the Louisville-based healthcare company Humana save on energy, focusing on its data centers. In my last blog, I discussed data centers from a high level, but in this edition, I'd like to get a bit more technical about quick-win projects companies can implement in data centers. Before I alienate the non-engineers out there,... Read More >

EDF Fellow at Booz Allen Identifies Solutions to Efficiency Obstacles

by Aman Singh Das  |  July 29, 2011

As an MBA student completing an EDF Climate Corps fellowship with Booz Allen Hamilton, I often look for linkages between what I am doing this summer and what I learned from my coursework over the past two semesters at the JHU Carey Business School. In just a few weeks at Booz Allen Hamilton, I have already seen connections to what I learned at Carey's innovative Thought & Discourse seminar, where I was given the opportunity to discuss divisive issues with subject matter experts and... Read More >

7 Conflicting Trends: Fortune 100 Annual Reports and CSR (Part 2)

by Aman Singh Das  |  July 21, 2011

This is the final segment of our two-part series on defining and analyzing the main trends that will impact every company going forward, whether they already report on non-financial goals (social responsibility, corporate giving, sustainability, etc.) or continue to put it off for a variety of reasons. Yesterday, I pointed out the first three trends: Rising Expectations, Increased Pressure from Shareholders, and Supply Chain Engagement. Here are the final four: 4. Shared Knowledge Though... Read More >

Cooking Up Interest in Energy Efficiency: An EDF Climate Corps fellow's first lessons as a change agent at McDonald's

by Aman Singh Das  |  July 20, 2011

With 1.7 million employees worldwide, it's no wonder McDonald's is an industry leader in employee education - boasting an extensive e-learning suite and pillar institution, Hamburger University. The majority of its employees work in restaurants as crew members and managers so it's also not surprising McDonald's identified an opportunity to increase awareness and participation in energy efficiency initiatives at the restaurant level. Less commonly known, however, is that McDonald's... Read More >

7 Conflicting Trends: Fortune 100 Annual Reports & CSR

by Aman Singh Das  |  July 18, 2011

Public companies in the U.S. are, by law, only required to disclose financial results. Then why are a majority of annual reports increasingly addressing social responsibility, sustainable practices and corporate giving? Though integrated reports may eventually replace annual reports, 52 percent of Fortune 100 Companies included statements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in their 2010 annual reports and 10-K. [See: Best Buy Releases Sixth Annual Sustainability Report]What's behind... Read More >

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