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Best Boutique Consulting Firms

The Vault Best Boutique Firms to Work For list was compiled using a weighted formula that reflects the issues that consultants at boutique firms care most about in relation to their job search and careers, as determined from analysis of data in our annual consulting survey. While there are no hard and fast definitions of what constituted a 'boutique' firm, all firms on this list are specialists in their main practice area, and have fewer than 750 employees at time of publication.

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Top Ranked

2015 Rank 2014 Rank Change Company Score Location
1 NR Insight Sourcing Group 9.328 Atlanta, GA
2 NR Point B 9.245 Seattle, WA
3 NR Censeo Consulting Group 9.087 Washington, DC
4 NR The Brattle Group 9.078 Cambridge, MA
5 NR The Chartis Group 9.044 Chicago, IL
6 NR The Cambridge Group 8.901 Chicago, IL
7 NR ClearView Healthcare Partners 8.892 Newton, MA
8 NR Strategic Decisions Group 8.838 Palo Alto, CA
9 NR Clarkston Consulting 8.810 Durham, NC
10 NR CapTech 8.743 Richmond, VA
11 NR Novantas, Inc. 8.626 New York, NY
12 NR Health Advances, LLC 8.600 Weston, MA
13 NR Ricardo Strategic Consulting 8.575 Detroit, MI
14 NR Jabian Consulting 8.572 Atlanta, GA
15 NR Kaiser Associates 8.541 Washington, DC
16 NR Cornerstone Research 8.493 San Francisco, CA
17 NR The Parthenon Group 8.476 Boston, MA
18 NR Triage Consulting Group 8.415 San Francisco, CA
19 NR OC&C Strategy Consultants 8.376 London
20 NR Putnam Associates 8.320 Boston, MA

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