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Best Banking Companies in Europe for Innovation

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not at all innovative and 10 is extremely innovative, please rate how innovative your firm is in the industry.

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Top Ranked

2013 Rank 2012 Rank Change Company Score Location
1 NR Goldman Sachs & Co. (Europe) 8.639 London
2 NR J.P. Morgan (Europe) 8.583 London
3 NR Jefferies International Limited (Europe) 8.500 London
4 NR The Blackstone Group (Europe) 8.462 London
5 NR BNP Paribas SA 7.769 Paris
6 NR Morgan Stanley (Europe) 7.724 London
7 NR Citigroup Inc. (Europe) 7.578 London
8 NR Nomura International Plc (Europe) 7.359 London
9 NR Credit Suisse (Europe) 7.200 London
10 NR BBVA S.A. 4.867 Bilbao

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