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This Boston-based private equity firm may not be a household name but chances are that you've heard of some of the companies that Bain has launched to prominence.  Its roster of success stories includes investments in well-known companies such as Staples, AMC Entertainment, Brookstone, the Sports Authority, Toys "R" Us and Warner Music Group.  Mitt Romney (who was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2008 U.S. presidential election), T. Coleman Andrews and Eric Kriss started Bain Capital in 1984 as a leveraged buyout and venture capital firm.  Today, Bain is a private equity and venture capital firm but also delves into long/short public equity, credit products and global macro hedge funds with offices in Boston, London, New York, Munich, Chicago, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Mumbai.  Bain Capital has invested in over 200 companies since its inception.  The firm's current assets under management total $78 billion.

Supporting cast

The Bain network expands far past just Bain Capital Private Equity.  The parent company, Bain Capital LLC, has six other affiliates that operate in a wide range of fields.  These affiliates are Bain Capital Asia, which conducts private equity deals exclusively in the Asia Pacific region;  Bain Capital Europe, which invests solely in the European market from the firm's London and Munich offices; Brookside Capital, a public equity affiliate that  invests in securities of publicly traded companies; Sankaty Advisors, which deals in fixed income securities including leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, distressed securities, mezzanine debt, convertible bonds, structured products and equity investments; Bain Capital Venture, the venture capital division of the company; and Absolute Return Capital (ARC), the global macro affiliate managing accounts in the fixed-income, and equity and commodity markets.

Consulting the experts

Bain Capital's investment approach relies heavily on the consulting expertise of its 58 managing partners.  According to the firm, its investment professionals evaluate companies on a "people-intensive, consulting-based due diligence process" that looks at "financial performance, market potential, industry attractiveness and competitive position."  Once Bain invests in a company, it takes an active role in improving the business.

Sunny weather

Bain Capital partnered with Blackstone and NBC Universal in July 2008 to buy the Weather Channel from Landmark Communications for a reported purchase price of $3.5 billion.  The Weather Channel has wide reach in the media world, reaching 96 million households through its television channel and 36.4 million viewers through its website weather.com.  The Weather Channel's owners, Landmark Communications (run by the Batten family of Norfolk, Va.), originally sought $5 billion for the website and the cable channel but had to settle for a lower price once Time Warner dropped out of the bidding on June 13, leaving the Blackstone/Bain/NBC consortium as the sole bidders.

Bain Capital

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  • Employer Type: Private
  • Founder and Managing Director: Joshua Bekenstein
  • 2006 Employees: 175

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