• Good pay and benefits.
  • Easy to move from department to department.


  • Too little recognition for performance.
  • Not much overtime.

The Bottom Line

  • The AES Corporation is a global leader, and with 29,000 employees in 29 countries, employees must be prepared to be a little fish in a big pond.


AES is a leading independent power producer. The company has interests in 111 generation facilities in 18 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. AES also has one coal-fired project under development with a total capacity of 1,320 MW. AES sells electricity to utilities and other energy marketers through wholesale contracts or on the spot market. AES also sells power directly to customers worldwide through stakes in distribution utilities, mainly in Latin America and the US.


The company operates more than 70 generation businesses across four continents and eight utility companies, primarily in Brazil and the US. It addition to traditional power generation and electric distribution businesses, in 2015 AES owned and operated 8,145 MW of renewable generation, including hydro, wind, energy storage, solar, biomass, and landfill gas.

AES' reportable segments are: US Strategic Business Unit (SBU); Andes SBU; Brazil SBU; MCAC SBU; EMEA SBU; and Asia SBU. US SBU segment accounted for 24% of the total revenues in 2015; Andes SBU, 17%; Brazil SBU, 30%; MCAC SBU, 16%; Europe SBU, 8%; and Asia SBU, 5%.

In 2015 AES owned and/or operated a generation portfolio of 29,352 MW, excluding the generation capabilities of its integrated utilities. Its eight utility businesses distribute power to more than 10 million people in three countries. AES' two utilities in the US includes generation capacity of 6,524 MW. AES US has 18 generation facilities and two integrated utilities in the US.

AES develops and constructs new generation facilities in response to customer needs or to comply with regulatory developments.

In 2015, about 79% of adjusted pre-tax conrtibution came from AES' businesses in the Americas, including the US, Andes, Brazil, and MCAC units; Asia and Europe accounted for the remaining 21%.

Geographic Reach

AES has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Hungary, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Panama, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sri Lanka, the UK, and the US. In 2015 Brazil accounted for 30% of the company's revenues; the US, 23%.

Sales and Marketing

AES' generation business owns and/or operates power plants to generate and sell power to wholesale customers such as utilities and other intermediaries. Its utilities sell to end-user customers in the residential, commercial, industrial and governmental sectors.

Financial Performance

In 2015, AES' net revenues decreased by 13% driven by unfavorable FX impacts in Brazil and Columbia; lower volumes from US Utilities, (primarily DPL), and outages, milder weather, and lower demand at IPL and lower prices in the Dominican Republic and El Salvador (resulting from lower pass-through costs), partially offset by higher tariffs at Eletropaulo and Sul, including higher pass-through costs.

The company's net income dipped by 60% in 2015 due to a decrease in net sales and an increase in asset impairment expense.

In 2015, cash from operating activities increased by 19% due to higher impairment expenses and changes in accounts receivable.


AES is focusing on expanding in core markets, specifically Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and the US, while developing assets in target growth countries. In 2015, AES Energy Storage unveiled a portion of its deployment roadmap for AES Advancion Energy Storage Solutions, which includes the addition of battery-based storage resources across the US, South America, and Europe. Projects in construction or late stage development are expected to deliver 260 MW of interconnected battery-based energy storage, equivalent to 520 MW of flexible power resource, 25% of which is expected to be on-line by mid-2016.

In 2014 the company teamed up with the Estrella-Linda Group, an investor group based in the Dominican Republic. Under this strategic agreement, Estrella-Linda agreed to buy 8% of AES' business in the Dominican Republic for $96 million.

AES is also exiting selected non-strategic markets to narrow its geographic focus in order to achieve better results from fewer countries. The company is also aiming to reduce overhead and business development costs.

The company exited Sri Lanka early in 2016, by selling its generation business, Kelanitissa, for $18 million. It exited several markets, including Ukraine, Turkey and Africa. In 2015, the company announced or closed $787 million in asset sales proceeds.

By exiting businesses and markets where it does not have a competitive advantage, it has simplified its portfolio and reduced risk, decreasing the total number of countries where it has operations from 28 to 17. In 2014 AES entered into an agreement with La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec to sell 15% of AES US Investments, Inc. a wholly-owned AES subsidiary that owns 100% of IPALCO Enterprises, Inc., for $244 million.

In 2014 it also made a deal to sell 45% of its interest in Masin-AES Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AES that owns AES' business interests in the Philippines, to Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (a Thailand-based independent power producer) for $453 million.

That year it sold its stakes in three businesses in the Cameroons to pan-emerging market investor Actis for $202 million, and also agreed to sell its 49.62% stake in AES Entek Elektrik Üretimi (a joint venture in Turkey with Koc and Aygaz) to its partners for $125 million.

In 2014 the company teamed up with the Estrella-Linda Group, an investor group based in the Dominican Republic. Under this strategic agreement, Estrella-Linda agreed to buy 8% of AES' business in the Dominican Republic for $96 million.

That year AES also announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement with SunEdison, Inco sell its 50% stake in 336 MW of solar photovoltaic projects owned by Silver Ridge Power, LLC ), a joint venture between AES and Riverstone Holdings LLC. Under the agreement, AES will sell its interest in solar projects in operation and under development in Europe, India and the US for $165 million.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In 2017 AES and the Alberta Investment Management Corporation agreed to jointly acquire US renewables company FTP Power from private investment firm Fir Tree Partners for $853 million in cash and the assumption of $724 million in debt.

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Phone: 1 (703) 522-1315
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  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: AES
  • Stock Exchange: NYSE
  • President and CEO: Andrés R. Gluski
  • President and CEO: Andrés R. Gluski
  • Chairman: Charles O. Rossotti
  • 2016 Employees: 21,000

Major Office Locations

  • Arlington, VA

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