Orlando Utilities Commission

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) has a simple mission -- to provide electricity and water services to customers in and around Orlando, Florida. In 2010 the utility was serving 221,380 residential and business accounts (51% electric only, 33% electric and water customers, and 16% water only). In addition, it operates fossil-fueled power plants and markets wholesale power. OUC also provides district cooling, chilled water, and commercial lighting services, and advises customers on power and water conservation measures. In 2010 OUC delivered 24.9 billion gallons of water and 7.4 million MW of power.

The utility serves the Mall at Millenia, the Starwood Resort, the Orange County Convention Center, and Lockheed Martin and neighboring hotels with commercial chilled water systems. With the completion of its fifth district (at Lake Nona) in 2009 the company has one of the largest overall chilled water systems in the US.

The company is also investing in renewables to reduce carbon emissions. In 2009 it completed and brought online the largest array of solar panels in the US southeast, on the roof of the Orange County Convention Center. OUC also uses biodiesel to fuel its more than 775 fleet vehicles. In 2010 the company installed energy-saving home improvements in more that 810 homes in Orlando,

Lower fuel prices and a drop in wholesale power sales (both as the result of the global recession) resulted in a decrease in OUC's overall revenues in 2009, despite the revenue boost of a rate increase and the Lake Nona chilled water system coming online that year.

In 2010 the company posted robust sales, led by an increased demand for power created by weather variances (a warmer summer and a cooler winter), and by a new wholesale agreement with the City of Vero Beach. The expansion of OUC's chilled water districts also pushed up revenues. Increased costs meant only a modest growth in operating income in 2010.

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Orlando Utilities Commission

100 W Anderson St
Orlando, FL 32801-4408
Phone: 1 (407) 423-9100
Fax: 1 (407) 2369616


  • Employer Type: Government Owned
  • General Manager and CEO: Kenneth Ksionek
  • General Manager and CEO: Kenneth Ksionek
  • Board President: Katie Porta

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