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Oil and water don't mix, and Gundle/SLT Environmental (GSE) plans to keep it that way. GSE, through its global subsidiaries, manufactures and installs an array of flexible geosynthetic liners used to prevent groundwater contamination. Waste-management firms, mining companies, water, and industrial businesses, among many others, use these liners at landfills, water-containment facilities, canals, and aquaculture lagoons. GSE makes high-density polyethylene smooth-sheet liners, as well as textured sheets and geosynthetic clay liners. The company has manufacturing and sales operations in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). GSE is a subsidiary of GSE Holdings.


In addition to its principal products, polyethylene-based geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners, the company also makes geonets, geocomposites, concrete protection liners, and vertical barriers. GSE's Custom Fabrication unit builds customer-specified products such as its branded Gundshield containment booms and AquaTanks. The products are UV and chemical resistant. The company also provides installation of its products.

The products, which are designed to contain and manage liquids, solids, and gases, are used primarily to line or cap hazardous and non-hazardous environments. GSE's largest end market is the waste sector. The company also makes studded geomembrane products that protect concrete structures, such as tanks, pipes, drainage channels, and tunnels against corrosion and deterioration.

Geographic Reach

GSE has operations in Chile, Egypt, Germany, Thailand, and the US.


Industry reports forecast that the global geotextiles market will grow by about 5% annually. For the North American market, the US holds a 90% market share, while Canada holds the remainder. Of the total geosynthetics market, geomembranes represent 28% and geotextiles 32%. With infrastructural projects happening mainly in emerging markets -- Brazil, India, China, and Russia -- the use of geotextiles offers greater flexibility and economy than concrete and other building materials. The company will use its global operations to take advantage of this trend.

In 2012 GSE agreed to buy certain manufacturing assets of Texas-based Poly-America, L.P. and Poly-Flex, Inc. for $7.5 million. Poly-America produces several polyethylene products. In addition to growing its portfolio of assets, the acquisition also helps remove competitive capacity from the North American market.

Company Background

Schlegel Lining Technology (SLT) and Gundle Lining Systems started the polyethylene geomembrane market in the US in the early 1970s. Gundle and SLT merged in 1995 to form GSE.

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GSE Environmental, Inc.

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