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FirstEnergy's first goal is to generate and deliver power, but its second goal is to stay profitable in a market undergoing deregulation. Its ten utilities provide electricity to 6 million customers in the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic. The company's domestic power plants have a total generating capacity of more than 17,000 MW, most generated by coal-fired plants. Subsidiary FirstEnergy Solutions trades energy commodities in deregulated US markets. FirstEnergy's other nonregulated operations include electrical and mechanical contracting and energy planning and procurement.


FirstEnergy has power regulated generation, transmission, and distribution operations. Through FirstEnergy Solutions it is also engaged in competitive generation and electricity sales. As part of its assets, FirstEnergy has 2,400 MW of renewable energy (primarily generated by wind farms) and 24,211 miles of high-voltage transmission lines.

The Regulated Distribution segment distributes electricity through FirstEnergy's ten utilities which serve 6 million customers and a combined population of 13.5 million. It purchases power in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland and controls 3,790 MWs of generation capacity.

The Regulated Transmission segment transmits electricity through transmission facilities owned and operated by American Transmission Systems, Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company, and a number of FirstEnergy's utilities, and the regulatory asset associated with the abandoned PATH project. The segment accounted for 7% of total net sales in fiscal 2015.

The Competitive Energy Services segment supplies electricity through retail and wholesale arrangements, including competitive retail sale to customer primarily in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and Maryland, and the provision of partial Provider of Last Resort and default service for some utilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. It controls 13,162 MW of capacity. The segment accounted for 31% of total net sales in fiscal 2015.

In fiscal 2015, FirstEnergy's electric utilities accounted for 71% of total net sales, the remaining was accounted for by unregulated businesses.

Geographic Reach

FirstEnergy operates and serves customers in an service area of 65,000 square miles in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Financial Performance

In 2014 the company's revenues were restated due to reflect its vestiture of 11 hydroelectric power stations.

In 2015 FirstEnergy's revenues decreased primarily resulting from a decrease at Competitive Energy Services (CES) partially offset by an increase at Regulated Distribution and an increase at Regulated Transmission.

Competitive Energy Services' revenues decreased primarily due to lower sales volumes in line with the segment's strategy to more effectively hedge its generation.

Regulated Distribution's 2015 revenues grew as the result of the implementation of new rates at certain operating companies as well as a year-over-year increase in retail generation revenues. Regulated Transmission revenues increase primarily reflected a higher rate base and recovery of incremental operating expenses as well as American Transmission Systems' transition to a forward-looking rate.

In 2015 FirstEnergy's net income increased by 93% due to lower fuel and purchased power expenses, partially offset by increased income taxes.

Fuel expenses declined primarily in Competitive Energy Services, resulting from lower fossil generation associated with low energy prices, lower unit costs, and lower settlement and termination charges on fuel and transportation contracts. Purchased power costs also decreased, reflecting lower contract sales.

In 2015 net cash provided by operating activities increased by 27% due to a change in cash collateral and accrued taxes.


FirstEnergy continues to capitalize on investment opportunities available in its Regulated Transmission and Regulated Distribution businesses while implementing a conservative hedging strategy in its Competitive businesses. It is focused on improving its balance sheet and maintaining investment grade credit metrics at each business unit, while improving metrics at FirstEnergy over time.

To raise cash, in 2017 FirstEnergy agreed to sell four competitive natural gas generating plants in Pennsylvania and its competitive portion of a Virginia hydroelectric power station to a subsidiary of LS Power Equity Partners III, LP, for $925 million.

In 2016 FirstEnergy introduced a new branding campaign that demonstrates the company's commitment to a cleaner energy future. "The Switch is On" campaign highlights FirstEnergy's environmental achievements, its transition to cleaner energy sources, and a green energy electricity option from FirstEnergy Solutions for residential customers in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The campaign includes print advertisements in 17 newspapers and business journals, radio advertisements in 14 markets, and more than 50 billboards in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.

In 2015, the company planned to focus on to develop the transmission business, strengthen the regulated utilities, and manage overall risk within the competitive business The core of this strategy is the $4.2 billion energizing the Future investment plan. This program is focused on a large number of small projects within the existing 24,000 mile service territory that improve service to customers. The company has identified $15 billion in transmission investment opportunities across its system beyond 2014-2017.

In 2015, the company completed multiple transmission projects that will further enhance electric service for customers throughout northern Ohio. The new facilities are designed to ensure system reliability following the retirement of coal-fired power plants in the region. The company spent nearly $800 million on transmission projects to support plant retirements along Lake Erie. FirstEnergy expects to spend $1.2 billion through 2019 on projects related to plant retirements across its entire transmission system. The completed projects represent a significant milestone in the company's Energizing the Future initiative, and include new 138- and 345-kV transmission lines and new substations.

As part of its ongoing efforts to help enhance service reliability, in 2014 Mon Power installed new automated switching equipment on a 47-mile, 69,000 volt transmission line serving nearly 6,000 customers in the Marlinton and Snowshoe Mountain Resort areas of Pocahontas County.

To raise cash to pay down debt, in 2014 FirstEnergy sold 11 hydroelectric power stations to Harbor Hydro for $395 million. The hydroelectric power stations had a total capacity of 527 MW (less than 3% of FirstEnergy's generation fleet output).

As states push to reduce carbon emissions, FirstEnergy has been expanding its renewable energy operations and reducing its fossil-fuel power plants. In 2013 the company announced plans to deactivate two coal-fired power plants in Pennsylvania, reducing its overall power generating capacity from more than 20,000 MW to more than 18,000 MW.

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Firstenergy Nuclear Operating Company

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