About Electric Power Board of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County

The Electric Power Board of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County is a mouthful. Its operating name, Nashville Electric Service (NES), sounds much better. And talking of sound, the legendary "Nashville Sound" would be hard to hear without the resources of this power distributor, which serves more thanĀ 360,000 customers in central Tennessee. NES is one of the largest government-owned utilities in the US. The company is required to purchase all its power from another government-owned operator, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

NES operates about 91,000 distribution transformers, more than 230 substations, 5,700 miles of power lines, and more than 200,000 utility poles.

It serves customers in the City of Nashville and Davidson County.

In 2011 the company posted a 13% jump in revenues thanks to a rate increase and stronger demand brought on by a warmer-than-usual summer. The higher revenues outpaced higher distribution costs, and (coupled with lower administrative and general expenses) allowed NES to post a 35% spike in operating income for the year.

Anticipating deregulation, both NES and TVA are expecting changes in their relationship. NES is ready to rock 'n' roll after the expected divorce. The company wants to cut its obligations to TVA and pursue other power sources, including open-market purchasing and self-generation.

NES is also investing in educating its customers to reduce energy use, as a way to cut carbon emissions and lower costs -- through public education programs on conservation strategies and the use of renewables and green technology. Walking the talk, in 2011 NES installed energy-efficient light bulbs and took other measures at its headquarters building to reduce electrical use by 11% and water use by 18%. It also recycles and reuses the oil in its transformer network.

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Electric Power Board of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County

1214 Church St
Nashville, TN 37246-0001
Phone: 1 (615) 747-3831
Fax: 1 (615) 747-3854


  • Employer Type: Government Owned
  • Manager, Cande Engineering: Wesley Allen
  • President: Gerry George
  • Technician: Richard Tekely

Major Office Locations

  • Nashville, TN

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