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El Paso Electric (EPE) creates currents along the Rio Grande River. The utility transmits and distributes electricity to some 404,500 customers in West Texas and southern New Mexico. More than half of the company's sales come from its namesake city and nearby Las Cruces, New Mexico. The firm has 2,055 MW of nuclear, fossil-fuel, and wind-based generating capacity. EPE also purchases power from other utilities and marketers, and sells wholesale power in Texas and New Mexico, as well as in Mexico. Its largest customers include military installations such as Fort Bliss in Texas and White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.


In 2015 about 45% of the company's energy capacity came from nuclear power, and 34% from natural gas. Other energy sources include purchased power (around 13%), coal (6%), and renewables (1%).

Revenue from retail accounted for 67% of EPE's total revenue in 2015; Fuel revenue, 22%; Off-system sales, 7%; and Other, 4%.

Geographic Reach

The company operates under franchise agreements with several cities in its service territory, including El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Facilities include a 16% interest in the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Wintersburg, Arizona; a 7% interest in the Four Corners Station in northwestern New Mexico; the Rio Grande Power Station in Sunland Park, New Mexico; the Newman Power Station; the Copper Power Station in El Paso; and the Hueco Mountain Wind Ranch in Hudspeth County, Texas.

Sales and Marketing

EPE distributes electricity to retail customers principally in El Paso, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico (representing 63% and 12%, respectively, of retail revenues in 2015). Its wholesale operations also resell to other electric utilities and power marketers.

Principal industrial, public sector, and other large retail customers include military installations (including Fort Bliss in Texas and White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico), oil refineries, two large universities, and steel production and copper refining facilities.

EPE owns the transmission and distribution network within its New Mexico and Texas retail service area and operates these facilities under franchise agreements with various municipalities.

The company distributes its products via common plants, transmission lines, and substations. It owns four 345 kV transmission lines in New Mexico and Arizona and three 500 kV lines in Arizona. These lines enable EPE to deliver its energy entitlements from its remote generation sources at Palo Verde and Four Corners to its service area.

Financial Performance

EPE's revenues dropped by 7.4% in 2015 to $849.9 million, primarily due to a 20% decline in fuel revenues and a 34% decline in Off-system sales, which offset small revenue gains in retail and wholesale sales.

Net income decreased by 10.4% to $81.9 million, due to higher other operating expenses, deductions related to investment and interest income, and higher interest charges. These increases more than offset lower fuel and purchased power expenses.

EPE's cash provided by operations was $246.7 million in 2015, compared to $243.3 million in 2014. Cash from operations was impacted by the timing of the recovery of fuel costs through fuel recovery mechanisms in Texas and New Mexico and sales for a resale customer. Net fuel recoveries resulted in increased cash from operations in 2015.


To encourage conservation and a greener energy profile (to meet state and federal carbon emission regulations) EPE's Renewable Energy Program gives incentives to customers using power generated from renewable energy sources, such as geothermal, solar, and wind. The El Paso Solar Photovoltaic Pilot Program pays incentives to customers who install solar panels at their homes. Looking to the future, as west Texas and southern New Mexico continue to grow, EPE expects to invest an additional $1.1 billion in improving its infrastructure by 2020. Slightly less than half of these future capital expenditures are earmarked for additional generation capacity.

A leader in solar power generation, in 2015 the company had an additional 8 MW of large-scale solar resources under consideration.

In 2016 EPE planned to add two additional 88 MW gas-fired units.

To help pay for these capital activities, EPE planned to file rate cases in New Mexico and Texas in 2017.

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El Paso Electric Company

100 N Stanton St
El Paso, TX 79901-1407
Phone: 1 (915) 543-5711
Fax: 1 (915) 521-4766


  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: EE
  • Stock Exchange: NYSE
  • CEO: Mary E. Kipp
  • CEO: Mary E. Kipp
  • Chairman: Charles A. Yamarone
  • 2016 Employees: 1,100

Major Office Locations

  • El Paso, TX

Other Locations

  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Fabens, TX
  • Sierra Blanca, TX