City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

This Springfield is not Homer Simpson's hometown, or Abe Lincoln's. City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri supplies electricity, natural gas, and water for residents and businesses in the southwestern Missouri town. The utility, which has about 1,870 miles of power lines and 1,300 miles of natural gas mains, serves about 109,560 electric customers, more than 82,560 natural gas customers, and more than 76,760 water customers. It also operates the municipal bus system, which has 25 regular street buses and five demand/response buses, and serves 213 broadband customers through SpringNet Telecommunications. City Utilities of Springfield has a service region of 320 sq. ml. and serves a base population of 229,000.

In addition to its regular electricity supplies, the utility offers its customers the option of using renewable, wind-generated electricity imported to Springfield from a Kansas wind farm (the 50 MW Smoky Hills Wind Farm in Salina).

The company reported an 11% jump in revenues in 2011. This was due to hotter-than-usual weather spurring power demand, and increased capacity driving up off-system sales volumes. Low rainfall during the year also resulted in increased water usage by customers. City Utilities of Springfield reported an 8% increase in operating expenses, which was kept to single digits by lower natural gas prices. 

The utility traces its origins to the gas works of Springfield Gas Lighting Company, which opened in 1874. In 1945, Springfield Gas and Electric was bought by the City of Springfield, resulting in the creation of City Utilities of Springfield.

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City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

301 E Central St
Springfield, MO 65802-3858
Phone: 1 (417) 863-9000
Fax: 1 (417) 8318802


  • Employer Type: Government Owned
  • Manager - Communications: Joel Alexander
  • Vice President Systems Staff Finance: Andrew Foster
  • Associate General Manager, Operations: Wade Stinson

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