Chautauqua Airlines, Inc.

  • Overview

Operating on behalf of several leading US carriers, Chautauqua Airlines provides connecting flights from major airports to smaller markets, mainly in the eastern half of the US. The carrier maintains partnerships with major airlines including American AirlinesContinental Airlines, US Airways, and Delta Air Lines. Under its partners' regional banners, Chautauqua flies a fleet of close to 70 jets, ranging in capacity from 37 to 50 passengers, made by Embraer and BombardierRepublic Airways Holdings owns Chautauqua Airlines, which coordinates its operations with those of sister companies Shuttle America and Republic Airlines.

Financial Performance

Chautauqua Airlines is part of the parent organization's Republic division (regional flights), which accounts for half of annual revenues. The remainder of sales is made up of revenue from the Frontier division (Frontier Airlines), which provides passenger, charter, and cargo services.


Parent Republic Airways Holdings is restructuring to focus on its feeder flight operations. The company aims to sell or spin off its Frontier division to fuel expansion of its Republic division operations. As part of its restructuring efforts, Republic Airlines Holdings is working to cut expenses and increase efficient operations within the Chautauqua Airlines business line. Measures include revamping payment agreements on certain leased jets and enhancing contracts with major airlines. It is also increasing the number of larger regional jets (50-passenger) in its service fleet to improve fuel efficiency and better serve the needs of its partners.

Company Background

The parent organization traces its roots to the founding of Chautauqua Airlines in 1973. Holding company Republic Airways was formed in 2001.

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Chautauqua Airlines, Inc.

8909 Purdue Rd Ste 300
Indianapolis, IN 46268-3152
Phone: 1 (317) 484-6000
Fax: 1 (317) 4846040


  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • Chairman, President, and CEO: Bryan Bedford
  • SVP Finance and CFO: Timothy Dooley
  • EVP and COO: Wayne Heller

Major Office Locations

  • Indianapolis, IN